Lie Reposposa Jelay Pilones Hotspot

Many may have missed seeing Pinoy Big Brother alums Lie Reposposa and Jelay Pilones in Kuya’s house, but fans can now watch and even interact with them weekly on their Kumu live streams. 

If you didn’t know about that yet and want to get the latest updates on these two talented young stars, watch DJ Jhai Ho’s exclusive Hotspot Live interview with Lie and Jelay!

Like many people, Lie and Jelay had a hard time coping with the pandemic, but they both found solace in being busy with their hobbies and work. Jelay shared that she was able to overcome feelings of depression with music jams and playing guitar at home. Since she is far from her family, she makes sure to keep in touch with them online and connect with friends as well. Now that she’s invited by her talent management to do more projects, she is thankful for the opportunities during such trying times. 

Lie relates to the blessings of back-to-back work. After her remarkable performances as a contestant on the third season of Your Face Sounds Familiar, Lie is taking on whatever project is offered may it be on Kumu, TikTok, or YouTube. She has a family to support so any income would help her greatly. It’s a wonderful bonus that she has fun along the way. 

Since Jelay and Lie’s PBB days, they remain to be very close friends. They were part of the unstoppable “Team 4G” with Kaori Oinuma and Karina Bautista, after all. They both can’t go home to their families at the moment, so they lean on each other for support when needed. They also share that they may not always keep in touch with Kaori and Karina, but when they do, it’s like they never left the PBB house. Their bonding and chikahan would be just as exciting as the last time they hung out. 

Both Jelay and Lie are some of the stars that Kumu viewers make sure to watch these days. Lie has been on the platform for a relatively long time now. After she left the PBB, fans immediately urged her to go on the platform since they couldn’t wait to watch her again. She went for it and really enjoyed it. But as other projects lined up for her, she went on a short hiatus from Kumu. Now that she has more time, she went back on the platform and admits that it took her a while to adjust again. 

Jelay, on the other hand, only started her Kumu journey over the pandemic. It began as a fun thing she would do with her sister. As she gained more traction, management gave her more support and projects. She’s was glad to accept because it would also make her fans happier. 

Jelay shares the amusing fact that she does silly things on her streams, just to make her fans laugh. She would also sing song requests no matter what song it was, “Kahit ‘di ko masyadong alam ‘yung kanta, natatawa na lang sila sa akin… Go with the flow lang ako palagi ‘pag nag-stream ako.”

Lie also sings a lot on her own streams, “‘Pag nagsi-stream ako, parang nagiging concert na talaga siya... Half ng hour puro kanta na lang kasi minsan nawawalan din ng topic kaya ‘tara kantahan na lang tayo’.” Her fans are always game to give her song requests for her to sing. Some would even give gift through the Kumu platform, but Lie says, “Wala na ako paki kung magbibigay man sila ng gifts o hindi, basta importante nag-enjoy ako at masaya sila.”

Both these skilled singers also want to pursue acting as much as they can. Jelay definitely sees herself getting a sassy character. In her words, “masungit pero matapang”. That’s her dream role since it would fit how she can sometimes be in real life. 

Lie also like the kontrabida roles for herself. While she works towards a role like that, she would also enjoy getting a supporting role like her character in the trending teen series He’s Into Her. Since she still has a hard time memorizing lines, she’s comfortable taking on roles such as the best friend of the main character.

Before ending the fun chat with DJ Jhai, Jelay and Lie take on the Alphabet Challenge and the losing person has to answer a fearless question. Watch the whole Hotspot interview to find out who had to reveal their PBB housemate crush and know more fun tidbits about Lie and Jelay!