Hotspot: Kiara, Lie, Shawntel, Jem offer precious advice, words of encouragement to PBB Connect housemates

With the much-awaited Big Night of Pinoy Big Brother Connect forthcoming, DJ Jhai Ho caught up with the singers and songwriters of its theme song “Connected Na Tayo” – ex-Otso housemates Jem Macatuno, Kiara Takahashi, Lie Reposposa, and Shawntel Cruz – in the latest episode of Hotspot on Thursday, March 4.

The fun conversation started off with the hosts asking them how their lives have been after their stint in the reality show. All of them have been pretty active in the entertainment scene and are recording artists under Star Music. Lie is currently part of Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3, Jem plays a significant role in the series “Section St. Valentine: The Disappearance of Divine,” while both Shawntel and Kira host their respective shows on KUMU.

They also went on to reminisce the things they miss the most about being a housemate, as well as how their PBB experience has helped them in adjusting to the lockdown.

Of course, their guesting wouldn’t be complete without them imparting their advice to the remaining seven housemates of the ongoing PBB Connect season.

Shawntel started off by saying, “Alam ko, it’s very tough being inside lalo na facing the challenges, ‘yong battles nila personally and as a group, and then ‘yong sa mga tasks. Huwag nilang kalimutang maging thankful for where they are right now. Alam mo makuha man sila sa Big 4 or not, just always be thankful kasi if you are, it will take mas malawak pa na mga ganap sa buhay mo, mga goals mo mare-reach mo pa. If you instill that in your heart, it’s gonna make you a better person. Just be grateful.”

“Bukod sa magpakatotoo, huwag mo ring isipin na kahit kompetisyon siya, huwag mong isipin na may kasama ka sa bahay. Ako kasi talaga ‘di ko trineat na kalaban ‘yong mga housemate e. ‘Yong trinato ko na competition ‘yong sarili ko kasi ang goal ko do’n talaga is for experience and at the same time, makabuo ng bagong pamilya,” Jem advised.

Next to share her piece was Lie, who gave a very lengthy tip. “Kailangan i-enjoy mo siya. Kahit na kompetisyon siya, huwag mong iisipin na competition. Kung iisipin mo kasi na competition, mas lalo kang mapre-pressure. Okay lang naman na galingan mo at gawin ‘yong best mo, pero ‘di talaga siya sobrang dali.

She added, “Huwag lang po silang sumuko. Kung ano man ang ibibigay sa kanila, i-accept lang nila ‘yon tapos harapin nila ng buong puso. Parang never say ‘no’ sa mga challenge na ibibigay sa kanila kasi kahit na matalo man sila sa mga challenge na ‘yon, may matututunan at matututunan talaga sila. [At] ‘yong mga challenge na ‘yon ang makakapag-strong sa kanila, na kahit ‘di man nila magamit sa loob ay magagmit nila sa labas.”

Last, but definitely not the least, was Kiara, who reminded them, “Know your purpose inside. In everything that we do naman, we should know our purpose – why are we doing this, who are we doing this for. Kasi when you’re inside, there’s more struggles, so many challenges.”

The conversation then veered on the writing and creative process they went through in composing the PBB Connect OST “Connected Na Tayo”, which is a product of their virtual collaboration during this pandemic. All of them contributed to the lyrics, while Jem was the one who came up with its catchy tune. They also went on to share their most favorite lines from the song.

DJ Jhai Ho wrapped the interview by having them play “Bring Me”, which was won by Lie.

Click on this video to see everything that happened in their fun and insightful chat on Hotspot Live!