Hotspot: JC, Markus, Gillian, Migs show excitement for upcoming film version of “Hello, Stranger”

I’m sure you felt overflowing kilig while watching Tony Labrusca and JC Alcantara together in Hello, Stranger. Netizens have been raving about their BL web series, which is still available to watch on YouTube, and they are asking for more! Well, say no more because we will be seeing them again in the full-length film, “Hello, Stranger The Movie.

Who wouldn’t be hooked and crave for more? Tony and JC’s onscreen chemistry and acting performances are not only superb but very realistic. In this episode of Hotspot with DJ Jhai Ho, we’ll get to know more about the film, the cast and everything in between.

In the online interview, cast member Migs Almendras showed his excitement, as well as JC and co-star Gillian Vicencio, who will all reprise their digital series roles in the movie. Joining them in the virtual chat is Markus Paterson, who has been added to the film version. To add mystery to his character, Markus did not disclose any clues about his role.  He shared that he initially felt nervous with the new normal set-up during filming, but he eventually got to know his co-stars more after some time. 

It is safe to say that JC was a breakout star in 2020. He said on Hotspot that he is extremely grateful for the blessings and trust he is receiving, “Sobrang grateful ko sa Black Sheep… Binigyan nila ako ng chance tsaka tiwala para i-portray si Mico.” he added. When asked about his personal similarity with the character he portrays, Migs said that Jun jun – his character’s name- is more comical than him. As Crystal, Gillian was primarily nervous to portray the character due to their differences but she was able to be very convincing.

Fans really admire Tony and JC’s tandem specially as Xavier and Mico. Due to their overflowing chemistry, the supporters started calling them as XavMi, “’Yung mga fans naming talagang love nila ang XavMi. Mahal na mahal nila ang XavMi. Sinusuportahan nila ‘to.” JC said. “Kami nga [ni Tony] in real life gusto na ring maging kami.” he laughingly continued. Talk about kilig!

The four then took on the “Use It Challenge” wherein DJ Jhai Ho will show an item and Gillian, Markus, JC, and Migs would say how they will use it in a different way. Those who won’t be able to answer in five seconds need to read and react to hate comments on social media. After doing a fun round saying their alternative uses for the things DJ Jhai Ho showed them, each of the four would soon fail to give answers and thus had to do the consequence of reading their bashers’ comments. All took them openly and wittingly, each responding with Hello Stranger before giving their amusing yet meaningful clapbacks to their bashers. 

JC, Migs, Gillian, and Markus invited everyone to watch “Hello. Stranger The Movie,” streaming on, iWantTFC, TFC IPTV, Cignal pay-per-view and Sky pay-per-view on February 12. Buy your tickets now for only 150.00 pesos.

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