Hotspot: Jayda Avanzado shows mom Jessa Zaragoza’s must-haves in bag raid

Singer-songwriter Jayda Avanzado joined DJ Jhai Ho on Hotspot to share the story behind her newest single “Paano Kung Naging Tayo.”

Jayda recently dropped the enchanting ballad, one of other projects she is currently focusing on, aside from her studies. The song is Jayda’s first single in Filipino, the idea of which was totally unplanned, as she got the idea from a mere scroll through her Twitter feed. Jayda said she came across a tweet that asked the “What if’s” or things that could have been in the Twitter user’s relationship with another person. Jayda said the tweet was very relatable to her, inspiring her to write the song in just 24 hours with her dad Dingdong Avanzado, who she said, liked the idea behind the song. Her father, also an OPM luminary, guided her in crafting the lyrics since it was her first time to write a Tagalog piece.

While she initially had doubts about the song, Jayda still pushed the idea and went for it, getting Star Music’s go signal to record and produce a music video for the song. When she pitched her concept of the music video to Star Music execs, she was told that she could even direct it. Jayda said she carefully planned it because this is her first time to release a music video in a while.

In creating her concept for the music video, Jayda said she thought of doing the scenes in black and white, and this was seen at the start of the music video. But it eventually transitioned to color, symbolizing the happy moments that could have been with the person she fell for.

She added that there were also cinematic references to the Hollywood film “La La Land” in the music video, wherein she was directly involved in the overall production, including its casting. To cast her leading man in the video, the team actually thought of a fresh face in the showbiz industry. And, she admitted Pinoy Big Brother alumnus Rhys Eugenio was on the top of her mind. Jayda was very grateful that Rhys and his management approved the presentation that she showed them.

When asked about her favorite part in the song, Jayda said it’s the first line that went, “Umaamin ang puso ko at damdamin sa pagtinging nililihim para sa’yo,” which revealed her true feelings for her man.

Jayda would then do a “bag raid”, not of her own but of mom Jessa Zaragoza’s blue leather bag. She showed the must-haves that her mom puts in her bag. First was alcohol, which according to Jayda is one of the most important things that her mom never forgets to bring. Jessa also has two cellphones in her bag, which she uses for her online business, and her contact lens solution. Jayda describes her mom as someone who is like a girl scout bringing things she deems important all the time. Jayda also saw her mom’s wallet, perfume, and lotion in her bag, as well as her breath spray, mouthwash, facemask, and Air Pods. Jessa also has an inhaler for her asthma. Jayda also showed a menthol ointment that keeps her mom relaxed.

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