Hotspot: Direk Mae Cruz-Alviar tells all about “Four Sisters Before The Wedding” stars in Bukingan Challenge

Promising young stars who topbill “Four Sisters Before the Wedding,” the much-anticipated Star Cinema prequel of its memorable hit blockbuster “Four Sisters and a Wedding,” joined DJ Jhai Ho in this episode of Hotspot to talk about their iconic characters and face the Bukingan Challenge with film director Mae Cruz-Alviar.

Alexa Ilacad plays Bobbie, Charlie Dizon portrays the role of Teddie, Gillian Vicencio appears as Alex, and Belle Mariano takes on the character Gabbie. The prequel is set 10 years before the setting of the 2013 hit movie. Clarence Delgado, meanwhile, plays the sisters’ younger brother, the teenage CJ.

The prequel will mostly show their lives in school, as well as the relationship of their parents Grace (Carmina Villarroel) and Caloy Salazar (Dominic Ochoa), who are encountering challenges in their relationship.

Belle admitted that at first they felt so much pressure in portraying their roles well but when they familiarized themselves with their respective characters, she said they were able to deliver properly. Charlie added that their workshops and script reading with Direk Mae really helped them a lot.

She also shared that during her guesting in I Feel U, she was given tips by the actress who played Teddie in the original film, Toni Gonzaga. Gillian, on the other hand, shared that it didn’t feel like work at all for her because she was just enjoying her time on the set. She added that it was the best filming experience for her.

In the Bukingan Challenge, Direk Mae shared surprising trivia about the girls. First, she revealed that Charlie always eats the food props so much that she sometimes forgets to be in character. Meanwhile, Direk Mae further said that Gillian has actually a sideline career, which is being a makeup artist. In fact, she once did the makeup of co-actor Joao Constancia. What Direk Mae revealed about Alexa was the moment when she gushed over her crush who was also staying in the same hotel they had stayed. Lastly, Direk Mae shared that Belle was the one who cried so hard in the last sequence.

She also shared her message to the girls. Direk Mae told Charlie that she is impressed with her craft, and that her talent would make her go places. She then told Gillian that she and her Four Sisters Before the Wedding family will always be there for her even if they part ways  Meanwhile, Direk Mae was very thankful to Alexa because she’s been so sweet and caring not only to her but to her co-actors as well. She added that she appreciated how Alexa went out of her comfort zone just to reach out to her co-actors. Lastly, Direk Mae told Belle that she’ll always be their baby girl even after the project ends or when they all grow old. All the girls said they were very thankful and honored to be given the chance to work with Direk Mae and to have been under her guidance.

Don’t miss “Four Sisters Before the Wedding,” which is set to premiere on KTX, iWant TFC, IPTV, Cignal PPV, and Sky Cable PPV on December 11.