Hotspot: Bugoy Cariño talks about having own family, handling hurtful comments

Now that he’s already a proud daddy, it has been seldom for us to see Bugoy Cariño on television since he has been seemingly busy in taking good care of his own family and his other personal endeavors. Thus, ABS-CBN Entertainment recently caught with him during his guesting in Hotspot!

His fun conversation with host DJ Jhai Ho commenced with him enumerating that things that keep him occupied throughout the pandemic. Aside from spending time with his partner volleyball star EJ Laure and their unica hija Scarlet, he revealed that he’s also busy with his water-refilling station business, online selling, livestreaming games on his official Facebook page, and doing some guestings.

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When asked what were the changes that arose in his life after they confirmed to the public that he’s indeed already a father, the 18-year-old actor disclosed that project offers for him have apparently decreased.

“Siguro medyo marami ‘yong nagbago sa akin. Sabihin natin talaga na parang ang daming kumukuha sa’kin kasi nga hindi pa ako daddy, parang teenager pa ‘yong dating nila sa’kin. Kasi po ngayon ‘yong iba, parang kapag teenager ka titilian ka ng mga tao. Siguro no’ng nalaman nila na nagka-baby ako, siguro siyempre parang nag-iba lang po ‘yong tingin nila sa akin. Sa’kin naman po walang problema ‘yon. Ang dami ring nagbago kasi dati ‘yong mga gusto ko, bibilhin ko talaga. Ngayon hindi na, para sa baby ko na,” Bugoy related.

Their revelation last year on his birthday was met with various comments from netizens – mostly snide – yet he chose to focus his attention and energy to his girlfriend, who, unlike him, wasn’t use to bashing.  They endured all the hurtful remarks hand-in-hand until they eventually subsided. He would always remind her, “Hayaan mo sila, walang magagawa ‘yan, ‘di tayo pinapalamon n’yan. Basta maging masaya tayo”.

Having a child at an early age may have caused a misunderstanding between him and his parents, but that instantly changed when baby Scarlet was born as they seem to love her more than him. Meanwhile, his fellow Hashtag members then, who were among his showbiz friends to know first about it had been very supportive of him as well.

When quizzed about how EJ as a partner and a mother, Bugoy proudly imparted that she’s easy to be with, simple, and very chill as she never made a huge fuss on everything. She also just goes with the flow and is very much supportive of his every endeavor.

He also expressed his yearning to work with It’s Showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro, who he considers as his role model in showbiz.

The interview ended with Bugoy giving DJ Jhai Ho and the viewers a tour around their bootcamp, wherein he hangs out with his fellow streamers.

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