Hotspot: Bernadette Sembrano reveals story behind her song “Yakapin Ang Pasko”

TV Patrol newscaster and now music artist Bernadette Sembrano graced Hotspot with DJ Jhai Ho to express her thoughts on the immense career shift she is making.

Before the show started, DJ Jhai Ho compared Bernadette Sembrano to a sunshine, “Kapag nakasalubong mo always happy, positive ang vibes ata napaka-caring niya sa kapwa, sa lahat ng tao.” In return, Bernadette said that it makes her happy to see how hardworking DJ Jhai Ho is. She congratulated the host for his many shows, saying he deserves it. 

Due to the pandemic and the restrictions that comes with it, Bernadette said that the songwriter in her came out and not only did she manage to create a song, she also used her free time while in community quarantine to partner the song with a melody.

Bernadette then surprised everyone as she appeared in the songwriting  credits for the theme song of the gripping primetime teleserye Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, with Jonathan Manalo.

The veteran reporter, newscaster, television host and journalist’s music career is now on full swing. Now, she is dropping a meaningful, relevant song called “Yakapin Ang Pasko.” She disclosed that the song was first written with the title “Yakap” but eventually became “Yakapin Ang Pasko” to those who think they are facing a bleak Christmas due to the many disasters and crises the country endured this year. Bernadette revealed that the melody came first and the inspiration for her song “Yakapin Ang Pasko” was inspired of her high hopes that all these struggles will end, “Bibigyan mo lang ng panahon pero magiging okay ka din. Basta bibigyan mo ng panahon,” she reiterated.

Before she wrote the song, Bernadette said that she was giving her time finishing a book about her life lessons from people she knows “Itong librong ‘to tungkol sa mga natutunan kong mga leksyon mula sa mga taong nakilala ko, kung papaano tayo nabubuhay,” she mentioned. This book was delayed because she focused on finishing “Yakapin Ang Pasko.”

When DJ Jhai Ho asked about the title and the content of the song, Bernadette narrated about her experiences interviewing those affected by the typhoons that hit our country nearing Christmas Day, and how they are worried for the holidays, “Kahit na ang sakit-sakit sa dibdib, palagi din na parang napapahanga ako sa kanila. Ang palagi nilang isinasambit palagi sa atin, ‘Paano na sa Pasko?’ pero palagi rin silang ‘Bahala ang Diyos sa atin, Diyos lang.’” Bernadette sang parts of her song to stress about how important it is to have faith in God and how joyful it is to receive blessings when you believe in the higher being.

She excitedly invited everyone to catch her this Sunday on ASAP Natin ‘To performing with Ogie Alcasid, which she described as a Cinderella moment. She also sang the song on Magandang Buhay in an episode to be aired this December 21.

“Nowhere to go but up!” Bernadette said, “Wala na tayo, eh. Sa boxing, sobra na tayong bagsak.” Bernadette added when she shared this realization before going in this interview. “Ang pinaka-importante diyan, tayo-tayo rin ang magsasandalan.”

Since Christmas is coming, Bernadette shared that she will be going to Baguio to visit her mom this Christmas. She also shared how she seriously follows health protocols like doing social distancing.

Bernadette mentioned that some think that her song was just simple but it hits right in the feels, “Kasi po ito po ay kwento po ninyo.”