Hotspot: Angelina Cruz takes on “Who’s Most Likely To” Challenge with sisters Sam, Francheska

A very promising musician and one of the lovely daughters of celebrities Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano, Angelina Cruz shared a fun conversation with DJ Jhai Ho in this episode of Hotspot.

Angelina has been busy with her schooling especially because she just started her first year in college and she’s taking lessons to improve her singing. She also had more time bonding with her family since they’re just all at home. When it comes to her online classes, she admitted that it was difficult at first but eventually, she got used to it.

Angelina shared that she's actually an introvert but if you get to know her more, she can actually be the one you’ll go to for advice. Angelina was 15 when she started entering showbiz, the world of her parents who, as we all know, are both seasoned actors. She admitted that at first she was a bit shocked by the culture in showbiz, considering that she was still young during that time. But eventually she got used to it and her mom Sunshine really helped her a lot as she gave pieces of advice like staying true to herself. She admitted it was easier for her to enter showbiz because of the connections of her parents, but Angelina also stressed the pressure that she received from the people because she felt like she had to live up to their expectations.

Recently, her half-brother Diego Loyzaga posted beach photos of them together with her two sisters, Samantha and Francheska. And Angelina said that they used that time they had during the beach trip to catch up on things and bond. Angelina shared that as a brother, Diego is someone she can really relate to and she’s really close to. She said they’re really like best friends because she can tell him almost anything. She added that Diego also gives her advice especially about showbiz. Angelina shared that her brother would always tell her to not let all the bashing get into her head, to just always be herself, and to trust her manager. Speaking of the bashers, Angelina did not deny that at first, she got really affected by their hurtful words but eventually learned how to block out all the negativity and all the hate.

Angelina shared that at first she thought that singing wasn’t her thing. But when she bought a ukulele, that’s when she started enjoying it. And when her mom saw her, she was told to hone her talent. If she’s given a chance to collaborate with a local artist, Angelina would want to do it with Ben&Ben and Moira dela Torre as they’re the artists she really looks up to. But watch out for her collaboration with Kyle Juliano who’s also under the same record label as her. Actually, Angelina had her own version of “Crashing” which is an original single by Kyle.

Angelina was joined by Francheska and Samantha in the “Who’s Most Likely To” Challenge but before that, they shared how the three of them bond. And Sam said that they usually watch horror movies or do each other’s makeup.

As they started the challenge, the sisters got to reveal trivia about them. For instance, the ones who are most likely to be creative are Angelina and Cheska because they like to paint and draw, while Sam also has her own side of creativity because she likes to do makeup. They also do songwriting sessions together! Meanwhile, they also revealed that Angelina is the most sensitive among them. Her sisters even shared that when they have intense arguments, she would immediately cry. And when it comes to apologizing first, Sam would be the one to always do that. The three also revealed that it was Cheska who has always the messiest room. They shared this one time when their mom even helped her clean her room. But she got to redeem herself when her sisters said that she’s the most intelligent among them three. When it comes to having crushes, they said that they’re really open to each other because they always tell each other about stuff like that. Moreover, they are also very open to their mom whom they consider as their best friend.

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