Hori7on reveals their secrets in fun “Bukingan” Challenge

Whether you’re an old or a newly converted “Anchor,” you’ll sure have fun getting to know the members of Hori7on as they take on Kapamilya Chat’s “Bukingan” Challenge.

The seven charmers – Reyster Yton, Kyler Chua, Vinci Malizon, Marcus Cabais, Kim Ng, Jeromy Batac, and Winston Pineda – are products of the Philippines’ first-ever idol survival show, Dream Maker, which was a collaboration project of ABS-CBN, MLD Entertainment, and Kamp Korea.

Following their training in South Korea, they staged their first Manila concert just last September 9 and are currently promoting their album and interacting with fans.

In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, the boys shared their experiences immersing in the real world of K-Pop and then took on exciting challenges that revealed more of their dynamic and lovable personalities.

Thanks to this “Bukingan” Challenge, we learned that Reyster is the most introverted, “may sariling mundo” as they put it. While he’s naturally quiet, he also can’t help but take on his bandmates’ contagious energy. 

Kim was voted the “pinakamatakaw,” which he didn’t deny, “Lagi ko pong sinasabi na diet ako pero ‘pag walang tao, pumipitik po ako ng pagkain.” Just that morning, he secretly brought food to his room.

Kim is also the noisiest, but Vinci is the source of latest news, especially if it’s about their projects. Vinci is the leader of the group, hence the one who guides his teammates in terms of vocalization and during rehearsals. He talks to the younger members when he notices them losing their focus during practice. If Vinci is the strongest in terms of vocals, Jeromy is the main dancer and is praised for patiently helping his teammates master their choreography.

Jeromy was also revealed to be the most generous or “mahilig manlibre,” while he shares the “pinakamalambing” tag with Marcus.

Click the video to get up close and personal with Hori7on.