Kapamilya Chat 2 Truths 1 Lie Hori7on

Besides talent, one factor that makes a group succeed is their camaraderie. Filipino global pop group Hori7on sure has perfect chemistry and they treat each other like siblings. In fact, they know each other so well – from what they eat to what time they wake up.

In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, Hori7on members Reyster Yton, Kyler Chua, Vinci Malizon, Marcus Cabais, Kim Ng, Jeromy Batac, and Winston Pineda took on the “Two Truths and a Lie” Challenge where they must share three statements about themselves, and the other members would guess which one is the lie.

Vince got the ball rolling, saying he had chocolate cake that morning, he bumped into New Jeans member Minji, and he ate jjajangmyeon for lunch. Since they stay in one place, the boys know too well that they don’t have chocolate cake in their apartment.

Kyler gave these three statements: “Natulala ako kay Jungkook sunbaenim, kumain ako ng pancit canton kanina, nadapa ako kanina.” Since they pretty much share the same menu every day, they know that Kyler lied about eating pancit canton.

Things got a little tricky in the third round when Reyster said that he didn’t take a bath that morning, he ate jajangmyeon, and that he’s nervous. They’re sure that statement number one couldn’t be a lie, as well as number three. But most of them had jajangmyeon as well. The boys were puzzled until Vinci remembered that they had two kinds of meal for lunch – jajangmyeon and kimchi rice. Therefore, they concluded that Reyster ignored the jajangmyeon for kimchi rice, which he confirmed.

Marcus shared interesting facts about himself: “Noong seven years old ako, kasama ko lolo ko at nanalo kami ng 200 thousand sa lotto, kaya ko mag-split, nag-try ako mag-firing.” This one’s a bit tricky. They assumed that Marcus lied about the split since they hadn’t yet seen him perform one, but winning 200 thousand in the lottery sounds too good to be true as well. In the end, Marcus revealed that he can do a split and that he really won with his grandpa through a scratch card that they unfortunately misplaced.

On Kim’s turn, he mentioned that had kimchi rice, ate a candy that fell on the ground when he was in grade school, and woke up late. The boys joked that Kim is likely to still pick up a candy from the floor, while Kyler vouched that Kim woke up late. So, they analyzed that statement number one was incorrect.

Meanwhile, Jeromy said that he woke up late as well, skipped dinner last night, and has experienced driving a truck. They were certain that statement number two was true since they ate dinner together. After an intense discussion, Jeromy revealed that he didn’t wake up late.

The funny guy Winston tried to trick his teammates by saying he ate a lot of bananas the previous night, had gummy bears that morning, and that he munched on grapes too. However, his ’brothers’ are too observant to be fooled. Kyler butted in that Winston shared his bananas with him last night, while Vinci shared that he saw him give the gummy bears to Marcus. So, it isn’t true that he ate the gummy bears.

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