Here’s your first look at Sheryn Regis’ impressive sketching skills!

Besides the golden voice that brought her to stardom and the moniker “Crystal Voice of Asia,” Sheryn Regis is also blessed with artistic hands. “’Pag wala akong ginagawa dito sa bahay, nagse-sketch lang ako using my pencil at papel ‘pag na-feel ko,” she said. Learn more about the power belter’s hidden talent in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Sheryn hails from the city of Carcar, known for its people’s artistic flair. The talent runs in the blood as well. When she was a kid, Sheryn was torn between pursuing a career in arts and singing. Her grandfather asked her to choose only one as both entails commitment, “Pinili ko ‘yung pagkanta pero may konti akong talent pa rin sa pag-sketch.” She often draws from imagination than looking at a model.

In this video, the multi-talented performer sketches her niece, Sky, using only a regular pencil. Sheryn seems like a pro! She even demoed her shading techniques. While finishing the artwork, she explained, “When you sketch, hindi naman kailangan sobrang linis. Importante lang is the shading at saka makuha mo kahit kaunti ‘yung mukha.”

She stressed that artists are free to interpret their works. You don’t need to imitate exactly what you see, “Nothing is wrong and nothing is pangit. Nasa tao ‘yan na tumitingin because it’s based on preference.” Sometimes, spectators also judge an artwork based on its creator and the materials used.

For Sheryn, sketching is a stress-reliever. Her mood also affects the quality of her artwork. She has her off-days as well, especially when feeling tired. The OPM star also paints using different mediums like watercolour, and oil paint, which she said is more long-lasting.

Sheryn used to doubt her talent, thinking it was nothing compared to that of her art virtuoso-grandfather, who painted the ceilings of St. Catherine’s Church in Carcar, Cebu. “Para siyang Michelangelo, so parang feeling ko, ‘Hala! Ang galing-galing naman!’ Pati ‘yung mga cousins ko, ang galing nila. Ako lang ‘yung feeling ko less talented.”

She just learned over time to appreciate and be more confident of her skills, “Para sa akin, art ko naman ‘to, eh. I can be an artist in my own way of expressing my art.”

But if you look at her sample works, you’d probably think she’s just trying to downplay her talent. In this video, Sheryn flaunted one of her best pieces which she did for hours.

To end the interview, Sheryn sang a few lines from her comeback single “Tulad Ng Dati,” a song about ghosting, now available on digital streaming platforms.