KChat CJ & Matty on KDLex, Run To Me

Your Face Sounds Familiar batchmates CJ Navato and Matty Juniosa are happy to be reunited, and this time, trading microphones for script in the KDLex series “Run To Me.” Check out their taping stories in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Matty and CJ are proud to be part of the ‘kilig’ series topbilled by Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada, first, for the impressive storytelling. “Ang galing ng pagkakagawa doon sa mismong concept ng show. Ang galing din ng mga pinagsasama-sama nilang mga tao. I’m very happy na happy din ‘yung tao sa nakikita nila kasi mahal namin ‘to at mahal namin ‘tong project na ‘to,” said CJ.

Matty, a member of iDolls, his group with fellow Idol Philippines alumni Lucas Garcia and Enzo Almario, is excited to venture into acting. And he’s thankful to the ABS-CBN bosses for noticing his potential. Exploring this unfamiliar territory got easier, thanks to the help of his co-stars especially CJ, one of his closest friends in Your Face Sounds Familiar. He said the Goin’ Bulilit alum is there to share tips on acting.

It’s worth noting how the series’ cast was perfectly assembled. Matty and CJ are perfect fit in “Run to Me” as characters Kimba, the gregarious gay in the neighborhood, and Dranreb, the cool guy slash loyal friend.

Even off-cam, everyone’s well suited for the team as they share one thing in common – the love for music. We can imagine how fun the jamming gets when you have Alexa, KD, Matty, CJ, Henz Villaraiz, Sean Tristan, Karl Gabriel, and Haira Palaguitto on the set. The musically inclined cast bonds over mini-concert sessions. “Naalala ko, ‘yung pinakahuling kanta namin, napagalitan pa kami. Kasi nag-ro-roll tapos naririnig pala kami sa set," Matty revealed.

Besides singing, they love to bond over food. They have very generous co-stars and even KDLex fans would send food for everyone.

KD and Alexa are the sweetest to their co-actors, and especially to each other. CJ calls them the “sana all couple.” He said, “’Pag sila ‘yung kasama mo tapos wala kang jowa, mapapa-'sana all' ka talaga. Maba-bad trip ka kasi ang sweet, eh.” But they know how to separate personal ‘kilig’ from work. CJ continued, “Ang natural nila. Ang cute lang talaga nila. Ang saya nilang kasama kasi napaka-professional, ang sarap katrabaho. Sweet kung sweet off-cam pero kung trabaho, trabaho talaga.”

Run To Me” tells the story of two people from different worlds looking for an escape from life’s problems and in the process found each other. With that, Kapamilya Chat asked the guests about their own “takas” moments. Matty’s is cutting classes to skip a presentation while that of CJ is pleading with the traffic enforcer to let him go for a coding violation.

The two got more serious musing on "escape from problems." Matty believes there’s nothing wrong with that if the purpose is to spread your wings and if you’re not stepping on other people. After all, we should learn to let go of things that hinder our freedom.

“When you do it for your own good pero hindi ka rin nakakatapak ng freedom ng iba, pwede ka rin tumakas. I think ‘yung word na takas is very negative, another word siguro for that is break free,” he thought. CJ, on the other hand, believes we shouldn’t escape just because we’re scared, “Minsan, hindi ka dapat matakot. You have to be open to change. Sometimes you don’t have to escape it but rather face it.” Besides, we can ask help from people we trust in case we feel like drowning.

We’re also allowed to take a break when feeling confused or burnt out. For CJ, his forms of escape are cooking, playing video games, watching Netflix, and spending time with the family. “Yan yung parang mga, you tune out from the world lang. Focus on what matters which is the now, this moment na kaya mong i-share with this person you love, like, ako, ‘yung girlfriend ko and family,” he said.

For Matty, music will always be his best friend, “I love singing my heart out, karaoke with friends.” Add to that food and me-time in the shower. 

If you’re looking for some sweet escape, you can watch “Run To Me,” with fresh episodes every Friday at 8 pm on KUMU, and Saturday at 8 pm on iWantTFC.