Moving on 101 with Albie

“Ninanamnam ko muna ‘yung sakit,” said Albie Casiño when asked about his typical process in moving on from a breakup.

Albie, who plays a major role in the upcoming ABS-CBN’s first YouTube Exclusive daily series “How to Move On in 30 Days,” described how he’s like when heartbroken. “I live alone, so higa sa kama, play sad songs, mga ganun. Siguro mga one week tayong ganun o kung gaano katagal man ‘yung kailangan.”

He added, “’Pag masaya ka, gusto mo ‘yung sad songs. Pero ‘pag sad ka, naiintindihan mo ‘yung lyrics. Alam mo ‘yun, tumatagos talaga.”

Besides music, friends also play an important role during the process. In Albie’s case, they help him get out of the rut, “Minsan kini-kidnap na ako ng friends ko, eh. Alam na nila ‘yun, parang, ‘Uy, tama na yang pagmumukmok mo diyan. Labas na tayo.’ Pinupuntahan na ako ng friends ko, ‘Uy! Para kang namatayan. Tara na, labas tayo. Para mabuhayan ka naman nang konte.’”

Music, friends, next up, work out! Albie is a gym buff on ordinary days, much more when he’s broken, as exercise can help release pent-up emotions.

Sometimes even negative feelings like sadness have positive effects. For instance, he uses them to fuel his ‘hugots’ as an actor, “Bilang artista, kailangan mo talaga maramdaman lahat ng emotions, eh. All emotions are equal. So, wala lang, ninanamnam ko lang talaga ‘yung pain, regret, and stuff like that para magamit natin.”

Most of all, use the moving on stage as a time of learning, like reminding yourself that you are valuable no matter what. “’Pag nagmo-move on ako, wala namang question if I’m still worthy. I’m worth exactly the same whether I’m in a relationship or I’m not. Hindi nag-iiba ‘yung pagkatao ko. Hindi nag-iiba ‘yung worth ng pagkatao ko just because I’m single now,” expressed Albie.

Lastly, as advice to Kapamilyas struggling to move forward, he underscored that the pain is only temporary, “Guys, alam kong masakit pero sa umpisa lang ‘yan. May joke na, ‘Sa umpisa ka lang masaya, masasaktan ka rin sa huli.’ Pero at the end, sa umpisa lang ‘yung sakit at mawawala din ‘yan.”

The Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 ex-housemate had three relationships, and each one brought different levels of hurt. Yet, he managed to survive them all, so he knows you can, too. “Every time I broke up with one of them, parang matatapos na talaga ‘yung mundo ko. Parang, ‘wala nang mas sasakit pa dito.’ Guess what? The next hurt more than the last. But, ganun talaga, eh. Eventually, mare-realize mo na iikot pa rin ‘yung mundo. Time goes on and you’re going to forget about it.”

He added, “Para siyang sugat na nameklat. Maaalala mo ‘pag nakita mo ‘yung peklat. Parang, ‘Oo nga ano? Nung bukas pa ‘tong sugat na ‘to, sobrang sakit, pero kinaya ko siya.’ Ganun lang ‘yun. Eventually, kakayanin n’yo rin talaga.”

Besides, take the pain as a reminder that at least you’ve shared something beautiful with another person, “Kaya ka lang naman nasasaktan kasi may value talaga ‘yung relationship in the first place.”

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