Heaven Peralejo Gino Roque Hotspot

Pinoy Big Brother alumni Heaven Peralejo and Gino Roque are teaming up as stars of the upcoming romantic comedy streaming series, “Pasabuy.” As this is their first project together as an on-screen pairing, netizens look forward to seeing their brewing chemistry on screen.

Following the release of the series teaser, DJ Ho had an exclusive Hotspot Live interview with Heaven and Gino to know more about the project and their experience working on it together.

With Gino venturing as a producer of the show, he explained that the series wanted to offer a romantic story that would blossom from the ongoing pandemic situation. So, the concept of “pasabuy” — or asking others to also buy items for you without needing to leave your home — was what they decided to revolve on.

Gino added that it would also explore the challenges in the characters’ lives, “We created this amazing story of two people from different walks of life in different stages of love.” His character John is a heart-broken guy who wants his love back, while Heaven’s character Anna is still attached to a guy, but is unsure if he reciprocates her feelings. Gino revealed that the contrasts and complexities of their characters would be interesting to see given that they are based on experiences that people have these days.

DJ Jhai couldn’t help but comment how this story may be perfect for them because both Heaven and Gino have experienced being locked in one place throughout their stay in the PBB house before. Like their characters, they discover new things about themselves when they are housed in one place and when they are finally out in the world.

Even as a producer, Gino still took on the job of lead actor. In choosing who would co-star alongside him, he was already set on finding someone he has rapport with so they could gel easily and create chemistry on screen. Gino was able to find that in Heaven. He also admitted that he was blown away because she instantly lit up the room, “She’s so bubbly. I’ve never met someone as bubbly as her.”

Heaven, on the other hand, was glad to take the opportunity. She didn’t need to think about it too much because she was happy to get to know the story and Gino throughout the project. DJ Jhai likened her answer to Heaven’s personality to get into things naturally versus being scripted. Gino agreed with DJ Jhai’s observation since he himself witnessed Heaven’s genuine and caring self while working together.

With love at the center of their series’ story, DJ Jhai wanted to know more about their personal experiences, particularly love at first sight. Gino confessed that he has fallen in love at first sight, but he isn’t the type to force things to happen if it’s not meant to be. He believes that destiny still plays a role in finding that one true love. Heaven has a different view wherein she prefers getting to know a person first  before falling in love. It matters that her suitor should get the approval of her parents and show effort in expressing their interest in her. “Mas masarap kasi magmahal ‘pag may approval,” she explained.

The two of them also shared the best lessons they learned about love. For Heaven, it’s self-love. She’s at a point in her life that she wants to prioritize loving and understanding herself fully before getting into a relationship. According to her, “‘Di mo na kailangan maghanap sa iba. Sometimes kasi ‘pag ‘di mo mahal sarili mo, ‘yong super bare minimum love, akala mo ‘yon na ‘yong todo-todo. Pero once na minahal mo sarili mo, alam mo na ‘Wala pa nga ‘yan eh. Alam ko nga paano mahalin sarili ko.’” As for Gino, his last relationship which lasted for four years has taught him to always give 100% in loving someone, even if there’s a risk of getting hurt.

Going back to some behind-the-scenes details, both Heaven and Gino commend Xian Lim as the director and writer of “Pasabuy.” Heaven liked how he worked efficiently and knew how to guide the cast and crew in creating his vision. Gino was excited to work with him again.

Watch the full interview to know more about Heaven and Gino’’s “Pasabuy.” By the end of it, you can also enjoy their “Telepathy Challenge” where they try to get in sync and say the same answers to DJ Jhai’s questions. Let’s see how they fare as a new on-screen love team!