Heaven Peralejo, Gino Roque on keeping it real in and out of the PBB house

As the newest Pinoy Big Brother season nears, ex-housemates and “Pasabuy” stars Heaven Peralejo and Gino Roque shared their PBB experiences and lessons in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Fans got curious, shocked, and worried when the PBB house was covered with a tarpaulin that read: “A new community will rise soon.” Others assumed it was going to be demolished. But it turned out just a warm-up for bigger news as ‘Kuya’ announced the upcoming season.

Gino was surprised yet happy and excited for the opportunities that await the next batch of housemates. He’s forever grateful to the reality show for helping him realize his strength. He entered the house as Gino, an ordinary guy, and not someone with resources or lesser responsibility.

“Everybody outside has their positives and negatives, their resources or whatnot. But when you enter the house of Kuya, everybody is working. Everybody is on the same playing field. So, now you really get to see if you’re stripped of everything and you’re just yourself, how far can you go,” shared Gino.

Speaking from experience, Gino said it was impossible to pretend to be someone you’re not while inside the house since the challenges would squeeze out your rawness. You are stuck with people whom you barely know and that itself is a test of character.

It was a game where no one really loses. If you get evicted, you’d leave with lessons and experiences. Heaven had a voluntary exit to prioritize her then-cancer-stricken mom, thus she didn’t expect fame and legions of fans in the outside world. She said her supporters breathed her hope and strength during those times, and she’s thankful that they chose to stay.

Fame was not on Gino’s mind, either.His goal was to enter showbiz to produce films. A part of him accepted that he’s not going to make it. After all, he’s an entrepreneur and not an actor. But signs from the universe, like a million tweets about him, helped him get his hope back. “It’s something that’s out of your control. It’s something that will make you grateful that it happened.”

The PBB house is full of memories for them. Heaven said she misses Kuya’s morning alarm, which was one of her motivations. For her, the alarm was an assurance that she’s still inside the house and she still can do so much.

Asked who they want to bring inside Bahay Ni Kuya, Gino chose Heaven so they can get to know each other more. Heaven, on the other hand, picked her batchmate and good friend Vivoree Esclito.

As advice to aspiring PBB housemates, Heaven talked about not losing oneself in pursuit for dreams. Gino backed this up, telling future housemates to take it easy, for at the end of the day, people will love you for who you are.