KChat BGYO Who’s Who

Let’s test how well Gelo, Aki, JL, Nate, and Mikki know one another. 

Each Kapamilya Chat episode featuring BGYO promises to be filled with fun and positive energy, as the boys exude charm and enthusiasm and are game to take on any challenge thrown their way.

They visited the show once again last April 12 to promote their latest single, “Patintero,” which is loved by listeners for its playful and catchy vibe, staying true to the BGYO brand of music. 

The quintet tackled entertaining games for their beloved ACES, starting off with the “Who’s The Best Boy” Challenge, derived from the nickname bestowed upon them by their fans. 

Here, our ‘best boys’ will simply have to reveal “who’s who” among them, beginning with the most generous, who are Nate and Aki. On the other hand, JL was voted the most “kuripot," and he didn’t deny it, saying that he still has bills to pay.

Thanks to this Kapamilya Chat episode, we learned that Aki is the group’s source of jokes, while Gelo is the most animated storyteller among them. 

Nate was voted as the most social media savvy, particularly on TikTok. “Minsan napagkakamalan na fan account ‘yung account niya, eh. Minsan mas active pa siya sa ACES,” quipped JL. 

When asked to spill who the most “matampuhin” is, the guys simply smiled and jestingly declared they would protect one another at all cost. While JL, Aki, and Gelo are the ‘kuyas’ of the group, they can proudly say that all of them are capable leaders. 

Besides vocal harmony, a crucial contributing factor to BGYO’s success is their solid relationship. According to them, they aren’t scared to be open to each other, committed to staying “OT5” until the end.