Fun PAT-Challenge with Loisa, Ronnie and Donny

On screen, James and Dave are rivals in trying to win over Pat’s heart. Off camera, Ronnie Alonte, Donny Pangilinan and Loisa Andalio know that working as a team is key when it comes to taking an English test.

In this fun PAT-Challenge, their first task was translation. How will Ronnie and Loisa fare when even Donny is struggling? “Alam n’yo, hindi na nga ganoon kagaling ‘yung English namin, ang lalim pa ng Tagalog na pinapa-English,” the Hashtag member complained.

“Pang-ilan ka sa magkakapatid?” is notorious when it comes to translating from Tagalog to English. One of Loisa’s guesses was, “How many siblings do you have and what’s your position?”

They also encountered the famous saying, “Gaano kadalas ang minsan?” This time Ronnie had a suggestion, “How often is sometimes?” While Donny offered, “How frequent is seldom?” Other words they tried to translate were kilig and pechay, as well as sentences “Pasensiya na dahil nahuli ang pagsauli ko ng pera sa’yo” and “Hali ka na”.

In the second round, Kapamilya stars tried to pronounce words with tricky spellings. LoiNie recognized “reservoir” and “amoeba,” although they had no idea what it meant. They faced “colonel” which is a specific military ranking, but Loisa thought it was a type of greeting. “’Di ba nag-The General’s Daughter kayo?” Donny asked.

Two popular French phrases were thrown into the mix like “Je T’aime” which means “I love you”. And “Les Miserables” which is the title of a world-renowned novel that has been adapted into a musical and a film.

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