Hex Boyfriend Behind-The-Scenes

The long wait for ardent shippers of Gen Z loveteam Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza is finally over, as their much-awaited reunion project, online series Hex Boyfriend, has finally premiered ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel on Friday, October 20.

And just on its pilot episode, KarJon, as what their tandem is fondly called, has already brought good and kilig vibes through the fateful and exciting encounters of their characters Chris and Raya. Aside from his handsomeness, we were also charmed by Chris because of his being a happy-go-lucky and obedient son to his father, Jess (Rafa Siguion-Reyna), who’s an albularyo (or quack doctor). Meanwhile, even though Raya is always cladded in dark clothes, dark lips, and thick eyeliner, not to mention her deadpan face, those didn’t hinder us from seeing how a loving and warm person she actually is, especially to her mom, Lupe (Anna Luna), a mangkukulam (or witch).

Aside from the two main leads and their beloved parents, we also got to meet the rest of the characters, namely Chris’ cousin Patrick (Batit Espiritu), Raya’s number-one hater Nikka (Ashley del Mundo), and Nikka’s equally mean bestie played by Angela Tungol.

While the vibe in the pilot episode was quite dark and intense, with a tinge of vibrance and kilig, the mood behind the scenes was just totally light and fun, as seen in this montage of off-cam moments from the set of Hex Boyfriend.

KarJon was indeed oozing with chemistry not only onscreen, but also even while they were just rehearsing for their scenes together, such as when Chris was able to get a grip of Raya as she’s about to fall to the ground after being tripped by Nikka, which they shot on the Day 1 of their taping.

The kilig went on as they filmed that scene wherein the Karina and Aljon were talking under a tree. Ashley and Angela were also able to showcase their impressive acting chops as kontrabidas, while the rest of the cast did awesome jobs in taking on their respective roles.

They were also seen intently listening to their director as he gave them instructions on how they should execute a certain scene, and watched with curiosity through the camera monitor how a shot went.

But it was definitely not all work for the Hex Boyfriend team as they also know how to have fun and play. They were seen laughing and singing together while the reels were not rolling.

Check out this ent.abs-cbn.com exclusive video to see a few of the behind-the-scene ganaps from the first episode of the online series!

Allow yourselves to be charmed with eerie kilig, hextraordinary love, and spooktacular fun by not missing an episode of Hex Boyfriend exclusive on ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel.