Fumiya Andre Gabby PBB life

Ex-housemates Fumiya Sankai, Andre Brouillette and Gabby Sarmiento shared their struggles, language barrier was one, and memorable experiences inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

PBB Otso was one of the reality show’s most explosive and beloved seasons. It brought us endearing and unforgettable housemates like Fumiya and Andrei, and Gabby from Camp Star Hunt. As Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 opens, the former housemates are thrilled to watch a new batch of dreamers overcome their struggles, build new memories, and gain opportunities like they did.

The trio, now hosts of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s online travel show “Hello World,” described PBB as a whole different experience. Coming from other countries, they felt culture shock upon stepping inside Kuya’s house. Fumiya, from Japan, didn’t know how to speak Tagalog and English. Language barrier was also the first challenge for Gabby, who came from Italy. Andre, a Fil-Am model, is used to posing in front of the cameras but it’s a different thing when the cameras follow your every move. 

Albeit shocked in the beginning, they got used to it and gave their best while enjoying the experience. They were, after all, fighting for their dreams. “Pinaglabanan ko ito and I’m ready to fight whatever it takes,” Gabby thought when he officially became a housemate.

Asked their unforgettable moments during their stint, Andre looked back on the grilling episode and the time when his family visited him in the show. He also mentioned the military challenge where he got stuck while climbing the wall. He said he overestimated his strength, not expecting his arms to feel weak in the middle of the game.

Fumiya recalled the “sakit sa puso” moments of his best friend Yamyam Gucong leaving for a fake eviction and him fighting with Andre for a task. Viewers were even moved to tears watching the battle. He also mentioned the army challenge where he had to stop due to a skin infection. 

For Gabby, the “kalakal” challenge was an eye-opener. Growing up in the city, he didn’t realize that one can make money out of scraps. He also wouldn’t forget when Kuya asked him to make three housemates cry by provoking them. Also filed under “dream come true” is the PBB concert where they performed with Kapamilya artists like Darren Espanto and Kyla.

Asked for tips to aspiring housemates, Andre recommends spending time with the family before the stint officially begins; also know your strength to contribute something to the team. Fumiya advised to just enjoy the moment, don’t overthink and be yourself. Gabby added that it’s impossible to act like someone you’re not when inside the Big brother house. Most important, remember Kuya’s lesson, “Ang totoong laban ay sa labas ng bahay.”

Fumiya, Andre, and Gabby didn’t expect to be welcomed by legions of supporters in the outside world. Fumiya described it as a 180-degree turn. They are grateful to where their PBB journey brought them and they are looking forward to seeing more housemates make their dreams happen.