Fried or boiled? Darren and Jayda share different versions of egg sandwich!

We can’t blame avid Darren Espanto and Jayda Avanzado shippers for believing that these two were destined to make beautiful music together. Their first official duet “Sana Tayo Na” proved their voices can create chemistry and a potential chart-topping hit when blended.  

Like most people stuck at home during this pandemic, Darren and Jayda try to sharpen their kitchen expertise by trying out different recipes. In this video, the singing duo shares their different takes on the popular Egg Sandwich meal.

Jayda goes classic using Japanese mayonnaise and boiled eggs as the main ingredients.

  1. Mash the boiled eggs.
  2. Add in your preferred mayonnaise.
  3. Mix the ingredients well and spread on bread.

Quick and yummy! This classic recipe is Jayda’s ultimate post-workout and midnight snack. Jayda mentions that she wants to further her cooking skills, so to survive without a helper. She wants to learn how to prepare the Pinoy favorite sinigang dish.

Darren is likewise getting better in wearing the chef’s hat. His recent cooking experiment, as posted on his social media account, is his own version of the Pinoy street food, taho. He adds that steak is his specialty.

Darren shares a proven hack in making a unique fried egg sandwich.

  1. Pour in the oil in a heated pan.
  2. Beat four eggs in a bowl.
  3. Pour the egg mixture evenly in the pan over low heat.
  4. Place two pieces of bread on top of the egg mixture, covering each side of the egg.
  5. Wait for two minutes or until the egg is cooked.
  6. The next step requires smooth maneuvring. Completely flip the breads over, so the eggs are now on top.
  7. Fold the edges of the eggs.
  8. Arrange two slices of cheese on top.
  9. Flip one side of bread onto the other, sandwiching the eggs and slices of cheese.
  10. Different cooking styles but equally delicious! Watch this video for Jayda and Darren’s full tutorial!