FranSeth drops the most hilarious jokes and ‘banat’ in Bawal Tumawa Challenge

Two friends laughing together naturally means they are comfortable with each other and have shared fun experiences. That’s why for Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin, it would be a real struggle not to laugh at each other’s jokes. That’s what happened in this “Bawal Tumawa” Challenge.

As the name suggests, the loveteam must not laugh at each other’s punchlines and ‘banat.’ Seth got the ball rolling, asking Francine, “Manhole ka ba?” She asked why. “Ang bilis ko kasi nahulog sa’yo, eh.” Francine smiled a bit, but not enough to consider it a violation.

Maybe pick-up lines won’t do the trick, so Seth dropped his best joke. “Bakit malungkot ang kalendaryo?” Francine preempted the punchline, which made her win this round. 

As a natural ‘kalog’, Francine came prepared with the most rib-tickling entries.

“May tatlong lalaki na tumalon sa tubig. Ilang ‘yung nabasa ang buhok?” She continued, “Wala kasi kalbo sila, eh.” It was her who couldn’t stop laughing at her own jokes, while Seth made use of his acting skill to wear a poker face.

Francine needed to be wittier in the next one: “Bakit gising magdamag ang mga bampira?” “Kasi nag-aaral sila para sa blood test”

But it was her third joke that broke Seth’s serious expression. “Ano ang tawag ng batang langgam sa kapatid na babae ng nanay niya? Eh di, auntie,” with emphasis on “ant.”

As the losing player, Seth went through a “truth or dare” round. He chose “truth” and was asked: “Totoo ba na hindi ka tulog nu’ng nag-message ako?” While we didn’t understand the context since it sounded like an 'asaran' exclusive only to the two of them, it still felt ‘kilig’ to know that they make sure to text and call each other.

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