Food trip weather: Kapamilya stars reveal their rainy day comfort food

We are in the middle of the wet season. And on days when the rainfall forces us to stay indoors, we, food-loving Pinoys, cozy up with our favorite comfort dishes. These Kapamilya stars reveal the food that brings them instant rainbow during rainy days – because sweater weather is also food trip weather!

Who doesn’t love warm hugs during a gloomy day? Sometimes hugs can come in a soup form. A bowl of lugaw brightens up the mood of beauty queen-turned-actress Aya Fernandez, “Bukod sa masarap magluto ng lugaw ang Nanay ko, lugaw is essential.”

The classic congee recipe also hits the spot for Pinoy Big Brother alumna Karina Bautista. “Love at First Stream” star Anthony Jennings appreciates every slurp of lugaw when it’s homemade with patience and love. He’s willing to wait, anyway. But for his love team partner Daniela Stranner, the rain is an excuse to be lazy; hence her choice of instant cup noodles.

Considered the cousin of lugaw is the sweet and milky champorado, which is no doubt made for cuddle weather. It warms the heart of ex-PBB housemate Aljon Mendoza, and Huwag Kang Mangamba stars Francine Diaz and Paolo Gumabao. Add ‘tuyo’ toppings for He’s Into Her actor Jeremiah Lisbo.

Bring the ‘kanto-style’ recipes in when it’s raining! For Idol Philippines alumnus Matty Juniosa, a bowl of ‘pares’ is bursting with flavor and warmth. For Lucas Garcia, lomi feels like home because it’s the specialty of his hometown, Batangas City.

What better time to up the K-drama feels than on rainy days? Singer NKO beats the blues with noodles like what he sees in Korean dramas. When it’s pouring outside during midnight, Star Magic’s Gigi de Lana grabs a pack of Korean instant noodles and makes it extra special with cayenne pepper and cheese.  

Just the thought of a bowl of ramen, especially if it’s extra flavorful, tickles the taste buds of He’s Into Her star Joao Constancia. He even has his own version that’s creamier and cheesier recreated from a TikTok video. Ramen is likewise the rainy day pick-me-upper of Akihiro Blanco and singer Kenji.

The rain won’t stop iDolls member Enzo Almario from having his rice craving. Nothing beats the combination of Chinese chao fan and siomai for him. Spicy food is more bearable when it’s cold, thus JMKO’s choice of sizzling tofu. Vietnamese beef pho gives R&B King Jay R a satisfying slurp.  

To complete the feels, pair these comfort food with the perfect drink. Nothing beats watching the raindrops splatter on the windows while sipping a cup of hot cocoa. This makes Jeremy Glinoga the happiest guy during rainy days.

Lighten up the downpour with these comfort dishes, Kapamilya!