Find out the pet peeves of your favorite Kapamilya stars

Gone are the days when celebrities are expected to put up with a lot and react to everything with grace. After all, no one is perfect and there are just some things that make us tick. Take for instance these Kapamilya stars who shared their pet peeves in this video.

If there’s a complain box on traffic roads, Jane Oineza would be so busy writing down her frustrations about people with poor driving skills like those who don’t use signals and those who drive in intersections. She also doesn’t like being told what to do if the instructions are pretty much obvious.

Slow walkers will rub AC Bonifacio the wrong way. “’Yung parang nasa mall ka tapos sobrang slow nila and you can’t pass through.” She cringed just talking about it.

For millennial Darna, Jane De Leon, wet bathroom and dirty nails are not acceptable. Janine Berdin hates people who are not willing to listen and learn from constructive criticism, “’Pag may gusto kang i-share na ikaka-improve ng ibang tao pero hindi nila ina-accept kasi feeling nila alam na nila lahat.”

Being a true-blue Scorpio, Lyca Garanoid is passionate with human relationships, thus she doesn’t like people who are “mataray” and too serious. She likes to keep it chill.

Here’s something that will send Maika Rivera into rage: “’Pag pinalamig mo ‘yung buong kwarto ng aircon tapos may biglang papasok o lalabas tapos hindi isasara ‘yung pinto.” So always close the door to keep Maika’s cool. She also hates it when someone chews loudly. Also, please wear your face masks in public places – not only to please Maika but especially to follow safety protocols.

For CJ Navato, a person who leaves his/her common sense at home is the absolute worse. He also hates rooms with open doors but zero lights inside.

Steer clear of Tan Roncal if you think you smell awful. For He’s Into Her star Ashley Del Mundo, arrogant behavior is totally offensive.

Check out your favorite Kapamilya stars’ pet peeves in this video!