How celebs balance public and private life

Being a celebrity comes with its perks, but it also entails navigating the delicate balance between an ‘artista’ persona and privacy. So, how do Kapamilya stars manage to strike a balance between their celebrity life and personal life? Watch as they share their thoughts in this video from!

Robi Domingo thinks he has it easier as a host compared to actors who embody fictional characters. However, “Senior High” star Kyle Echarri offers a different perspective, acknowledging that playing a role comes with challenges but he remains authentic off-camera. “What you see is what you get,” as he puts it. 

For singer Jeremy Glinoga, it isn’t much hard as well since he simply channels his true emotions into his music and performances. The same goes for Martin Nievera, who had pretty much accepted the loss of privacy that comes with celebrity status, instead he loves it when fans come up to him for photos and autographs even outside his role as a performer.

What Jona does is keep herself grounded to her core – her family. Similarly, Angela Ken consciously transitions back to being ‘Angela the daughter’ once she returns home after work. 

Edward Barber prioritizes quality time with family and his ministry, allowing him to maintain a clear distinction between his professional and personal life.
It truly helps to seek a support network, said Pepe Herrera, who keeps himself grounded in the presence of his family. Jameson Blake underscores the importance of adaptability to varying environments.

For Kaori Oinuma, time management is key while AC Bonifacio prioritizes alone time. 

Establishing boundaries is crucial, according to Shanaia Gomez and BINI members. This can involve carefully selecting which aspects of their personal lives they choose to share with the public and which they keep sacred, said Melai Cantiveros, who added that her family is quite selective of what to post on social media. 

Meanwhile, Darren Espanto feels blessed for having fans who respect his boundaries too. Sophia Reola is pretty much consistent on- and off-cam; it’s just that she dresses nicer and looks more put together when in front of the cameras.