FATHER’S DAY 2020: 5 iconic dads in Kapamilya teleseryes

As we pay tribute to our favorite ‘man of the house’ this Father’s Day, we created a list of the most iconic Kapamilya teleserye dads who demonstrated the real essence of fatherhood.

Jaime in Got To Believe 

Father and son tandems always win, exemplified by Jaime (Ian Veneracion) and only child Joaquin (Daniel Padilla), who are basketball buddies and ultimate partners in crime. Jaime’s fatherhood style can be described as cool, modern, and totally anchored on freedom. Jaime lets Joaquin be his own man and go after his heart’s whims while making sure that his steps are guided. A stark contrast to his wife’s helicopter parenting, Jaime’s focus is helping Joaquin prepare and cope with the real world, such as by granting him the permission to pursue his dream collegiate career. 

Robert in Kadenang Ginto

Robert (Albert Martinez) is the type of man who could make fatherhood look visually sophisticated yet laced with tear-jerking sentimentality. He makes sure that his love for his children is verbally expressed on a daily basis. And while he’s far from being blameless and he owns a list of felonies, Robert’s heart undoubtedly bursts with love for his daughter Cassie (Francine Diaz). Here’s a ‘girl dad’ who is man enough to own up to his mistakes, beg for Cassie’s forgiveness, and makes tearful goodbyes appear more heartfelt with a kiss on his daughter’s forehead.  

Tiago in The General’s Daughter

Tiago (Tirso Cruz III)’s relationship with adopted daughter Rhian (Angel Locsin) might be a spawn of vendetta, just among the many shams he created out of evilness. But as a father, his is a unique story to tell, enough to remind us that even those we look up to as heroes have their fair share of weaknesses and ‘dark sides.’ Tiago as a father is strict in every sense of the word. He’s the patriarch who would never cease to impose his own rules and make sure that his instructions are strictly followed. 

Teddy in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

A daddy-daughter duo sharing the same passion is one of the most adorable things in the world, just like how Mang Teddy (Joel Torre) passed on his badass journalistic influence to Alyana (Yassi Pressman). Being engaged in his child’s life is one of Teddy’s most dominant characteristics as a father. He is always around, ready to guide and support Alyana in any endeavor she faces, even after she got married and built a family of her own. Teddy’s help is just always within reach, and even if Alyana now belongs to the man of her dreams, she will always be a Papa’s girl.  

Adam in Love Thy Woman

Adam (Christopher de Leon) and Jia (Kim Chiu) live up to the endearing catchphrase, “like father, like daughter.” Apart from their love for sinigang, they also share the same traits of being compassionate and driven. When Jia faced a scary health crisis, Adam was there to provide her with security and emotional support.