Sarah Lahbati Fast Talk 2018 vs 2020

Isn’t it interesting to see the difference two years make in a relationship, specifically in the lead up to their upcoming marriage?

For Sarah Lahbati’s engagement to Richard Gutierrez, there are plans that stay on course, while there are those that changed, particularly the specific details about the wedding. But the bottom line is, this couple who really fought for their love through thick and thin, would finally shout to the heavens: “We’ve made it!”

In this video, we feature two Fast Talk interviews with Sarah taken two years apart, side by side, to determine if some of those details or plans for their wedding have changed or not. The first interview was done in 2018, immediately after Richard’s proposal, and the other was just recently, a few weeks before their altar date. Their wedding is set for this month.

We asked Sarah if they are looking at a beach or church wedding, her ideal wedding gown, the color motif, the flower she wishes to hold during the rites, and the song she wants played as she walks down the aisle. Other questions were about her planned hairstyle, her makeup peg, the flavor of their wedding cake, her shoes’ heel length, and her performance in their wedding reception, if given the chance.

Some of her answers in the 2018 and 2020 interviews were similar, although others have changed due to certain developments in their lives, and personal preferences that shifted through the years.

But what’s really consistent is the joy that filled her heart in the two years before the big date, which quite evident in her face. What’s noticeable, however, is the bigger excitement and eagerness she exudes in the recent clip as their wedding draws near.

Richard formally proposed to Sarah while on vacation in the latter’s hometown in Switzerland in 2017.

Find out what choices changed and what remained as we compare her two Fast Talk interviews in this video.