KChat Fana and Trisa for The Music Room

New breed of OPM talents Fana and Trisha Denise take on the spotlight as they enter The Music Room and share their unique flavors of music. Get to know them more in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.



We all know Fana as the Idol Philippines alumna-turned-viral songstress. She last guested on Kapamilya Chat to promote her Himig Handog entry titled “Out,” an anthem for people dealing with anxiety. This time, she’s back with a new single called “Tawa-Tawa,” the perfect celebratory song for those who’ve already moved on from a toxic relationship.

It’s a post-breakup song and Fana hopes listeners would feel empowered and be inspired to laugh again. Although she’s an NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth), Fana delivered the strong message by taking ‘hugots’ from her experience with toxic friendships. Not to mention the tempo was a perfect fit to her singing style, thus it was easy to get along with the vibe.

Speaking of her vibe, she reminds listeners of KZ Tandingan’s jazzy R&B sound. To be compared with the Asia’s Soul Supreme is a compliment to Fana, a big KZ fanatic. Check out her previous interviews and you’ll catch her talking about her wish to sing with KZ.

The dream ‘collab’ finally happened, thanks to a brand campaign. Fana reminisced that moment, calling it surreal. She was admittedly starstruck but truly thankful. “Hindi po ako makagalaw nung kasama ko po siya kasi idol ko po ‘yun. Simula noong bata pa ako, I looked up to her. Sobrang grateful po ako na naka-collaborate ko ‘yung idol ko,” she said.

Supporters of Fana get another reason to rejoice as she joins Star Music and One Music PH’s “The Music Room,” a series of online performances featuring OPM’s roster of fresh and promising talents. Her episode, to be streamed on October 19, highlights songs infused with powerful messages. Her repertoire includes a track originally performed by a group but she’s going to sing it solo and give it her own flavor.

Fana described “The Music Room” as her personal space as it allows her, and her co-artists, to share their stories and musicality. She’s happy to bring her own brand of music on the stage, knowing hers isn’t typical to Pinoy listeners.

“Alam ko, medyo nahihirapan ‘yung mga tao na matanggap ‘yung style ko pero hindi ako nag-give up. Hindi ko binago ‘yung style ko. Talagang gusto kong makilala nila and of course, pati na rin ‘yung mga message ng songs,” she said.

Fana finds comfort and courage in music especially during the first days of lockdown when she was scared of losing the platforms to share her talent. Thankfully, the stay-at-home gave rise to all things virtual. She learned how to stream on Kumu and other social media apps, although it was challenging at first for an introvert like her.  

If you are a regular on TikTok, you’d also notice that Fana is an internet favorite, proving so are her trending covers. Her “Here’s Your Perfect” collab with fellow Idol Philippines alums Lance Busa and Matty Juniosa has gone viral and was even noticed by its original singer, Jamie Miller.  

Catch Fana in The Music Room, on October 19 at 7PM on One Music PH’s YouTube Channel. Also watch her sample of “Out,” her current fight song, in this video!


Trisha Denise

Bullied as a kid, Trisha Denise had a love-hate relationship with music. The bullying almost crushed her passion but at the same time she also found comfort in songwriting. Fast forward to 2021, the bullied now takes center stage to share her story and musicality.

Trisha used to just compose for other singers until she became a bonafide recording artist under Star Music. Her recent feat is performing for “The Music Room,” a series of mini online concerts streamed on One Music PH’s YouTube Channel.

Trisha easily turns emotional when looking back on her journey. She didn’t expect people would love listening to her songs and she’d perform on big platforms like The Music Room. She’s very thankful and motivated to keep going.

Her episode for “The Music Room” last October 12 featured the songs she wrote for herself and other artists such as “Di Kawalan” by Maymay Entrata and “Sigurado” by Belle Mariano. She said the line-up was a collaborative effort. The producers were open to her comments and suggestions to make sure she’s comfortable with the song choices. Trisha was most thrilled to give her own version of “Di Kawalan” and “Sigurado.”

She also performed her single “Piece of the Puzzle” inspired by the cancel culture on social media. It talks about knowing every side of the story, for what we see on the internet is just a piece of a person’s truth. And through this song, she encourages everyone to be kind at all times because you’d never know what others are going through in private.

It’s worth noting how the bullying experience kept her pure-hearted and grounded but not to the point of doubting herself. It’s admirable how she genuinely thanks “The Music Room” producers for trusting her, and the production for working on her episode. While she was on that stage, Trisha kept in mind her father’s advice for her 25th birthday this year, which is to live in the moment.

Watch Trisha’s “The Music Room” performance on One Music PH’s YouTube Channel.