Exes Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo reflect on family life and pandemic takeaways

If you’re one diehard JoRox shipper who will never get over the kilig chemistry of Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo, this one’s for you! The former flames are reunited in the newest iWant TFC series “Hoy! Love You!” 

“Walang forever” may sound true for their romance but Joross and Roxanne will forever remain the best of friends. They even got to bond like the old times during their 10-day lock-in taping in the beautiful Lobo, Batangas. 

They share the same passion for raising a happy family. Roxanne, married to Elton Yap, is now a mom of three while Joross has two kids with wife Kath Saga. Her family spent the holidays in the cold Tagaytay City, his in Nasugbu, Batangas.

For them, family and human connection are the most valuable treasures on earth – as what 2020 taught them. Roxanne said the pandemic also brought greater clarity about what really matters. Joross calls this “going back to basic,” citing health and faith, apart from human relationships, as essentials. He added that faith in God is the core of survival. 

Of the things they’re grateful for, they mentioned family, solid relationships, God’s faithfulness, and their jobs. With the world turned upside down, they’re happy that the movie and TV industry found a way to keep the show going, although they were, understandably, scared at first.

They talked about the pros and cons of lock-in taping. Working for only 12 hours a day is less daunting, also giving the cast more time to bond. The scenic view in the resort is a bonus.  The challenging part is being away from their families. In their case, they struggled with poor signal reception as well.
Worried about their kids’ safety, Joross and Roxanne were hesitant to work amid a pandemic until they’re reminded of the power of entertainment. They were up for doing “Hoy! Love You!” to give their fans, and the public, something to make them smile during these trying times. 

They are confident of the series’ happy vibes. Roxanne plays an interior designer who will cross paths with her contractor, portrayed by Joross, for a project in Batangas. Sparks fly on their initial encounters. But, forced to work together, all kinds of vibes and ‘feels’ will make these single parents’ journey more exciting. 

According to the ex-lovers, their reunion project combines comedy, romance, and lessons about family and everything that comes with a single parent’s unexpected journey to finding new love. Joining JoRox are Pinoy Big Brother alum Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza collectively known as KarJon, Pepe Herrera, Keana Reeves, TJ Valderama, Casey Santos, together with Dominic Ochoa and Carmi Martin.  

“Hoy! Love You!” is available for streaming for FREE on iWantTFC starting January 18.