Erik Santos Susuko o Lalaban Challenge

A balladeer like Erik Santos is known for coating every song with powerful, deeply affecting emotions aka ‘hugot.’ But here’s something you probably haven’t heard before- Erik pulling out his most honest opinion about cheating, a controlling partner, and more love scenarios.

In an episode of Kapamilya Chat, Erik took on the “Susuko o Lalaban” Challenge where he’s given different relationship situations and he would decide which ones are worth fighting for or letting go.

Based on his answers, Erik is a forgiving soul that he’d give a cheating partner another chance to keep the relationship, although he believes it’d be difficult to bounce back, “Mahihirapan na kami sa relationship kasi may lamat na. Mawala lang siya sa paningin ko, tingin ko nagche-cheat na siya sa akin,” and that there’s no excuse to cheating, “Ang cheating, for me, wala ‘yang lugar sa puso ko.”

He’s been cheated on in the past but he still granted the girl a second chance. That way, he will have no regrets knowing he gave everything.

However, the wound brought by betrayal takes time to heal that you eventually have to let go. And to a cheating person, here’s what Erik had to say: “Kung ano ang ginawa mo sa isang tao, mas matindi pa ang balik sa’yo. So kung magche-cheat ka sa taong nagmamahal sa’yo, mag-wait ka na lang sa sitwasyon na ibibigay sa’yo. Tingnan natin kung makayanan mo pa ‘yun.”

The next scenario is about a partner who shows no signs of growth. Again, Erik will fight for that love, believing that love isn’t just about seeing the good in a person but also embracing her flaws. “As you go along the relationship, marami kang makikitang katangian na hindi mo ine-expect. So for me, ilalaban ko ‘yan kasi kailangan ko siyang tanggapin sa worst niya.” But for the relationship to work, the other person must also be open to improve what needs to be fixed.

What if it’s a relationship disapproved by many? It’s definitely a “laban” scenario for Erik, looking at it in a romantic lens, a “you and me against the world” kind of love. “At the end of the day, sarili mo naman ‘yung ibinibigay mo sa kanya. Kung masaktan man ako in the end, ako na ‘yun. Ako na ‘yung magsa-suffer ng consequences.”

For Erik, communication Is key, so when the other partner is starting to get toxic, he’d discuss the issues first and see what can still be fixed before raising the white flag.