Erich Gonzales gets to know new friend Kyle Echarri more in latest vlog

Taking a break from the drama and intense scenes from their respective dramas ­– La Vida Lena and Huwag Kang Mangamba, respectively – Erich Gonzales and Kyle Echarri had the chance to bond recently, as seen in the latest vlog uploaded by the former in her YouTube channel.

They may not have worked together in a project yet, but that didn’t hinder them from becoming friends through their mutual bestie Enchong Dee. Instead of having the usual sit-down catch-up or interview, she decided to also do a “car raid” in his luxurious Dodge Ram 2017 Laramie.  It may not be the car he’s been dreaming to have, but he described it as the “top of the end of the Dodge fam,” which is evident in its leather interior and seats, 5.7-liter V8 engine, and keyless feature.

As they hopped on the front seat, Erich immediately rummaged through every compartment there, only to find the must-haves in the current situation we’re in – alcohol, face shield, and bunch of face masks.

The Kapamilya actress commenced their question and answer by asking who were able to already try riding his posh car. He revealed that they were his friends Leon Barretto, Lorin and Venice Gutierrez, and sisters Angelina, Chesca, and Sam Cruz-Montano, when they went to Batangas recently, as well as his best friends Darren Espanto and AC Bonifacio.

His loveteam partner Francine Diaz, on the other hand, has not driven with him yet since he has never brought the car to their tapings and they do not have the chance to go anywhere when they are not at work.

And speaking of Francine, the host asked him what sets KyCine apart from other on-screen pairs. For him, it’s how they tend not to force kilig, saying, “Makikita naman ng mga fans [na] hindi kami sobrang pa-cute parati.”

As their conversation veered on the 18-year-old bankable actor’s life growing up, he was able to showcase his Bisaya skills as Erich spoke to him in the dialect when he confirmed that their family has been living in Cebu ever since he was 11.

He also showed the metal bat he keeps in his car for self-defense after the terrible bashing he garnered recently, which ensued to 20 food delivery riders bringing various food items to his house that he had to pay. Thus, his manager advised him to just strictly move from his house to work and vice versa and bring a metal bat with him for self-defense.

Erich then spotted Kyle’s backpack, which prompted her to do a bag raid. He willingly obliged and showed its contents – workout clothes, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and laptop.

The two eventually transferred at the backseat and went on with the interview. The 30-year-old actress attempted to trick him on revealing the real score between him and Francine by asking how long they’ve been together. Kyle, however, was able to cleverly dodge it by saying that they have been a loveteam for three years already.

He was then quizzed regarding the celebrities closest to him, enumerating the names of his Huwag Kang Mangamba co-star Enchong Dee, Darren Espanto, and Markus Paterson for the gents, while Francine Diaz, AC Bonifacio, and Ria Atayde for the ladies.

Erich also told him to promote his latest album “New Views” and requested to sing one of its tracks, to which he willingly heeded by belting out a bit of “Dyosa”. When asked what or who inspired him to write it, Kyle related that he simply wanted girls to see their beauty the way people around them sees it.

As they talked about the other things he wants to do, he disclosed that he actually shares a bucket list with his beloved dad, which includes travelling the world on their motorbikes. While they’ve already done it from Manila to Cebu, they also dream of doing so someday in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France.

Since he’s now known as one of the promising actors of his generation, he was quizzed regarding his acting idols and he named Hollywood actors Denzel Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as award-winning Pinoy actor John Lloyd Cruz. Meanwhile, he expressed his wish to work with the host in a project if given the chance.

As they talked about the actress he would want to work with in the future, he mentioned that some of them already happened, thanks to Huwag Kang Mangamba. Thus, he described working on it as amazing and enjoyable. Aside from strengthening his faith, it also allowed him to further learn about life and the entertainment industry with the help of their veteran co-actors.

Erich wrapped up the interview by asking him about his dreams and goals in life, as well as the things that make him happy. Kyle imparted that his primary ambition at the moment is to give his family a house and lot they can call their own, in order for his parents to be able to live together and for him to live independently. He also revealed that a terrible experience taught him to be happy on his own.

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