elisse mccoy baby felize beach trip

Reel-and-real-life sweethearts McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson kicked off 2022 by uploading recently the vlog that featured their first-ever family beach trip with Baby Felize during the holidays on the actress’ official YouTube channel.

Joining them were some of their family and friends, as well as their “angels” (or househelpers) Myla and Niña, who willingly took good care of Baby Felize as well. Elisse thanked McCoy in the initial part of the video for taking charge of the steering wheel going to Sirom Beach House in Pangasinan, where they blissfully stayed for three days, despite his lack of sleep. They weren’t able to hide their sweetness towards each other, which made their companions (and even their avid fans, perhaps) really kilig.

Since it was the first-ever trip of Baby Felize to the beach, she cried every time the water from the sea and the pool touched her feet. But her happy and proud parents want her to be familiar with the water since both of them love to go to the beach.

They got to tour around the resort and swim in the cool waters of the sea on the second day, then went on an island-hopping adventure on the third day.

Aside from the kilig and sweet moments of McLisse, their viewers also gushed over the cuteness of Baby Felize and her twinning moments with her Mommy Elisse when it comes to their beach outfits – which were all approved by Daddy McCoy.

Watch this video to see the fun and exciting happenings during Elisse and McCoy’s first-ever family beach trip with Baby Felize!