Elha Nympha sends positive vibes with stories about her transformation and blossoming love life

Teen singer Elha Nympha wowed netizens with her weight-loss transformation. The ‘glow-up’ was followed by a surprising confirmation of her relationship with Brian Gazmen. The two make beautiful music together–literally–and Elha is now ready to open up about their transition from ‘squadmates’ to lovers. 

In an interview with DJ Jhai Ho for Hotspot, Elha said she never saw the romance coming. She met Brian at the backstage of Magandang Buhay. They became a squad together with TNT Boys’ Mackie Empuerto. At that time, Elha thought they’d just be making “lots and lots of music” and collaborations.

Elha shared that her boyfriend is a true gentleman, loves surprises, family-oriented, and adorably sweet. He sings for her everyday! They cope with the quarantine distance by watching the same movies at the same time (aka Netflix Party) and creating online content. The new couple did not hesitate to publicize their relationship, so to enjoy their freedom as well. The love status is perfectly fine with Elha’s parents and they make sure to guide her in every decision. 

The young songstress went on to share her fitness journey. Elha has always been confident in her body and skin color despite the bashing. Haters’ comments do not affect her. But last March, when the lockdown afforded her more time, Elha decided to take her diet and workout seriously. She thought it was the perfect chance to get healthier and leaner. On top of that, she wanted to rock exciting OOTDs.  

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While she’s unaffected by the bashers and their mean comments, Elha looked at them as motivation to improve her physique. She knows it would require thicker skin to silence the detractors. Thanks to her family’s support, Elha handled the negativities well and was able to build something inspiring out of the spiteful, unfair remarks. 

Sharing advice to those who want to be fit, Elha underscored that dieting entails proper techniques. She added that goals are impossible to achieve if you hesitate to take the first step. And once you hit the target, a heavenly feeling awaits. 

Elha continues with her dieting and workout routine. She’s also busy with online schooling, apart from creating YouTube content with Brian. The champion singer said she’s willing to join international competitions if given the opportunity.

Elha served as one of the online hosts for the recently concluded The Voice Teens Philippines Season 2 virtual finale wherein four contestants emerged as grand champions. Elha wished them luck in their singing career and expressed her wish to collaborate with them. Elha talks to her Coach Bamboo once in a while. They last saw each other prior to the lockdown period.            

Fans could listen to Elha’s new single “Beautiful” composed by Brandon Hamilton, the Grammy-nominated American producer who also wrote songs for Justin Bieber. 

If you are craving for more of Elha’s singing prowess, play this video to watch her belt out your favorite love songs and dedicate one for her new boyfriend!