DonBelle kicks off Kilig Match

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano proved they’re the best love team to ‘stan’ not only because of their strong chemistry but also their positive influence to Kapamilyas especially the youth. As DonBelle takes on different challenges in Operation Odette’s “Kilig Match,” they were able to help collect funds for Typhoon Odette survivors, breaking records in terms of diamonds donated to livestreaming app Kumu.

Straight from their lock-in location for “He’s Into Her” Season 2, Donny and Belle joined host Darla Sauler for the third interactive benefit show of ABS-CBN Foundation’s “Isang Daan sa Pagtutulungan.” For every target milestone on Kumu, the phenomenal Gen Z tandem would take on different challenges and answer questions to entertain viewers.

Since they’re in the taping bubble, DonBelle teased about the second season of their hit teen series “He’s Into Her,” which they said will rouse all kinds of ‘feels’. “Kung roller coaster ang Season 1, buong theme park na ang Season 2,” they related. Viewers can also expect the lead characters, Max and Deib Lohr, to mature a lot.

They enjoy their lock-in taping, especially since they missed their co-stars. “Mas maganda na ngayon kasi mas close na kami at mas maganda na ang chemistry namin sa screen. At may mga bagong pumasok,” shared Donny, who doesn’t mind spending his birthday (February 10) in the taping bubble where he feels at home. We can’t wait to see how Belle makes Donny’s celebration extra special!

DonBelle is eager to give their best in “He’s Into Her 2” as reward to their loyal followers. They could feel their fandom’s support in every project like Belle’s recent concert titled “Daylight” where Donny also had a special appearance.

Besides their upcoming series, DonBelle also answered ‘kilig’ questions that test their closeness and compatibility. First, a fill-in-the-blank challenge wherein they revealed what they like most about each other. Donny told Belle, “Maganda ka kapag humihinga ka,” to which she replied, “Gwapo ka tuwing pumipikit ka.” Now who wouldn’t feel ‘kilig’ when somebody tells you you’re beautiful or handsome every second of the day?

According to Belle, she smiles when Donny smiles, while he said he’s happy every time she achieves a new goal. They celebrate each other’s joy and success. Awww. Asked where they want to bring each other next, the answer would have to be somewhere with a food trip – maybe a samgyeopsal ‘date’ to satisfy Donny’s cravings.

Belle finds Donny’s eyes his most attractive feature while he likes her hair so much, “kasi makapal” according to Belle. If they’re animals, she would liken him to a dog “kasi sweet” while he compared her to a unicorn “kasi kakaiba siya.”

The most recent and sweetest gesture Belle did, according to Donny himself, is when she gave him comfort after a heavy scene. Meanwhile, Belle’s answer was, “You bought food for us.” Isn’t food DonBelle’s love language?

Growing closer through time, they rarely have ‘tampuhan’ moments or misunderstandings. But when they do, the ultimate solution is to communicate.

DonBelle also took on the “Compatibility Game” wherein they had the same answers in all categories except for favorite color as she opted for white while he picked black. They chose dog over cat, night over day, and hug over kiss. They would rather watch comedy than horror unless they’re with the ‘barkada.’ From there, Donny revealed that Belle loves playing pranks by pretending as white lady on the set. DonBelle chose both sleep and exercise, sweet and sour, and movie date and food trip.



Next up, the “How Well Do You Know Each Other” Challenge wherein they’re able to name each other’s siblings and reveal each other’s most ticklish parts of the body. Donny would tickle Belle on her neck, then, she’d take her revenge by touching his knee. They’re both into Tony Bennett songs. On their worst habits, Donny admitted to feeling lazy sometimes while Belle confessed that she’s quite an OC.  

For the “First and Last” Challenge, DonBelle recalled their first scene together, the car scene from “He’s Into Her” pilot episode. The last food they bought for each other was pizza for Donny and ‘sinigang’ for Belle. Asked the last time they felt ‘kilig.’ DonBelle answered “today.” Their first impression of each other is that they’re shy and quiet.

The love team also took on dares that required closer interaction such as the “Mirror Challenge” where they had to mimic each other’s facial expressions and actions. 

For the “Compliment Battle,” they had to stare into each other’s eyes while exchanging compliments. The “Impersonation Challenge” went adorable as they mimicked each other’s ‘kilig’ mode. They also copied how each other behaves when “naglalambing,” “nagtatampo,” and using baby talk.



DonBelle showcased their rom-com skills as they re-enacted Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz’s “Lock the Door” scene from “A Very Special Love.” And in a rare moment, equivalent to 8 million Kumu diamonds, Donny displayed his TikTok ‘gwapo’ moves by taking on the “Ginseng Strip” trend. Those who missed Belle’s concert got a sweet surprise as she performed her single “Tanging Dahilan.”



Watch out for the next featured love teams on “Kilig Match,” 8 p.m. on FYE Channel on Kumu, ABS-CBN Entertainment Facebook page and YouTube channel, iWantTFC, and SKYcable Channel 955 HD and Channel 155 SD until February 17.  The DSWD Authority/Solicitation Permit No. of this campaign is DSWD-SB-SP-00026-21, which is valid nationwide until May 28, 2022.

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