Darren Espanto takes on “What Would You Do?” Challenge!

Slated as the MYX Headliner for the month of April, Asia’s Pop Heartthrob and ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay Darren Espanto enthusiastically accepted MYX’s “What Would You Do” Challenge, wherein he provided his answers to the questions that start with “what would you do?”

The first question was “What would you do if someone compliments you and tells you about a song that wasn’t yours?”, to which he revealed that he actually experienced this a lot of times in the past. People would think that a song he performs is his but in reality, his singing voice just sounds somehow alike with that of the original singer. There were also instances that people would think that he’s the singer of a certain song because the original artist is also named Darren. 

What he would do is thank the fan and explain that it’s actually a song of another artist and make sure that the person doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Sometimes he would even tell the fan that he loves the song even though it’s not really his. He really finds this experience funny and doesn’t actually get offended when he’s in this situation, saying “You just got to be prepared, you should learn how to take things lightly.”

Darren was then asked what he would do if he forgets the steps or lyrics in the middle of his biggest performance throughout his career. He imparted that he has also forgotten a lot of choreographies and lyrics during his previous performances, stating, “The show just goes on and I just laugh it off.”

D’ Total Performer elaborated that if he’s with a live band and not a minus one, he would just ask them if they could start from the top. If there’s a live audience, he actually asks them what the next line or lyrics are and he finds it fun when the fans shout the lyrics. When it comes to the choreographies,he just jams along to the beat of the song and keeps the flow of the performance going to hype the crowd up. Darren admitted though that before, he would stop for a moment but he wouldn’t make it obvious that that wasn’t a part of his performance.

The next question was “What would you do if you overheard someone pretending to be you to avail VIP treatment at an event or restaurant or party?” Darren said that you should always know your limits. In fact, he sometimes feels shy when he’s being offered a special treatment since artists like him are just normal people, so they don’t have to have that kind of treatment. He said that if ever he experiences that, he would call out or confront the person and ask him why he’s doing that.

Next, the 19-year-old performer was asked what he’d do if a random person he has never met before comes up to him and brags about being close friends with him. Darren said that he would find it very entertaining and if that happens during the pandemic, where all of us just have our masks and face shields on, he would just keep going along with it for a few minutes. He would eventually introduce himself and would even show the person his social media accounts. However, when that person comes off as rude, Darren said that he would tell him straight that he doesn’t know him.

And for the last question, “What would you do if you’re on that one-shot-date with your all-time crush and suddenly, your tummy starts acting up?” Darren laughed and simply retorted that he doesn’t even know what he would say, although he would, of course, excuse himself to go to the restroom. “’Yong tamang tao para sa’yo, ‘pag nagka-LBM problems ka, maghihintay ‘yan,” Darren uttered, adding that if his date would be willing to wait for him, he would be really flattered.