KSnaps Jhong Hilario bonding with Sarina

Aside from being a talented television and movie personality who currently amuses the madlang people with his impressive flair in comedy, hosting, dancing, and even singing as part of the gregarious family of It’s Showtime, Jhong Hilario is also admired by many for being a fun, doting, and proud “girl dad” to his adorable daughter, Sarina.

It was on March 27, 2021 when he and longtime partner Maia Leviste Azores welcomed their beloved firstborn. Since then, they apparently couldn’t get enough of her as they proudly share some of their cherished moments with her through the snaps and clips that they post on social media and the vlogs that they publish on Jhong’s YouTube channel. They even created an IG account for her which they have been filling with her cuteness even before she turned a year old!

In this edition of Kapamilya Snaps, let us revisit some of the lovely bonding moments of Jhong with Sarina that truly delighted the madlang people.

Since she was just a newborn, the proud and happy parents have been fond of dressing her up in cute and colorful outfits, whether it’s just an ordinary day or for a special occasion. They usually doll her up in little pretty dresses paired with fancy headpieces and sometimes have her don costumes inspired by her favorite characters.

Whenever Daddy Jhong is not at work, he and Mommy Maia usually take her out to shop for new toys at the mall or buy her favorite fruits and veggies. But their favorite bonding activity will always be singing and dancing. Followers of their family on social media have surely seen videos of the father-and-daughter tandem taking on various dance challenges on TikTok and performing their duets of different songs, such as the classics “Fly Me To The Moon,” “Moon River,” and “A Whole New World.

Being naturally gifted in music that she is, Sarina has also found a fondness for playing piano and guitar. Thus, they enrolled her in a music class in order for her to learn more about musical instruments and further develop her interest in music and performing.

Since she’s the daughter of the “Sample King,” the adorable little is growing into becoming the “Sample Princess.” So, to further hone her dancing skills, she was enrolled by her parents in a gym class, with Jhong accompanying him on her first day. Maybe someday we could expect her to do stunts just like her dad.

They also signed her up for ballet, which made everyone gush over how cute “Sarina Ballerina” is in her little tutu.

Apart from her musical talent, they also encourage her to be athletic. In October 2023, she attended her first football practice, with Jhong showing his full support by cheering for her on the sidelines and giving her a hug and a high five as she scored goals.

There’s definitely no doubt that Sarina is a bright and bubbly little girl who was born to be a star and conquer the spotlight. From winning our hearts on social media to gracing live events, she apparently enjoys making people happy alongside her proud dad. She had been spotted joining him onstage as he appeared in barangay gatherings to mingle and give entertainment to his constituents as a councilor of Makati City.

And after simply visiting him for the first time at the ABS-CBN Compound in December 2022, Sarina finally made her first-ever TV appearance on It’s Showtime as she surprised her beloved daddy on his birthday in August 2023. Since it was her first TV guesting, she made sure to make a delightful lasting impression on everyone by showing off her skills in dancing to the trending “Mini Miss U” anthem. She also made friends with the Batang Cute-pos Lucas Landicho, Imogen Cantong, Argus Aspiras, Princess Kathryn “Kulot” Caponpon, and Jaze Capili.

We may not be able to see Sarina a lot of times unlike her Daddy Jhong, but we still get to see her grow and experience different adventures with her ever-supportive and hands-on parents through social media and YouTube.

Are you already a fan of the “Sample Princess,” Kapamilya?