Kapamilya Chat CrizVey Suck It Challenge

Harvey Bautista and Criza are ‘palaban’ in many ways. They’re never the type to say no to a challenge, even if it takes a great deal of skill and some luck in order to win. In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, the trending loveteam from “Zoomers Season 2 faced off in the hilarious "Suck It" Challenge. The rules were simple yet tricky: using only a straw, they had to transfer candies from one plate to another within a minute.

Harvey showed his skills, but it was clear that Criza had mastered the game. Perhaps her stint on "Pinoy Big Brother" helped hone her competitive edge. She dominated the first round, collecting twice as many candies as Harvey and clinching the win.

As the second round commenced, Criza nearly lost her focus due to Harvey's humorous antics. “Pinapatawa ako ni Harvey, eh,” she laughed, taking a momentary pause. Despite the distraction, she maintained her composure and emerged as the champion once again.

Can’t get enough of CrizVey? See more of this multi-talented tandem in “Zoomers Season 2,” plus more rising Gen Z artists including Luke Alford, Ralph de Leon, Krystal Ball, Luis Vera Perez, Kei Kurosawa, Hadiyah Santos, Erika Davis, and Zabel Lamberth. “Zoomers Season 2” airs weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live,, TV5, and A2Z.