Chie, Kira, Angelica prove creative minds in “5 Seconds Walang Malisya” game

The girls of “Beach Bros Chie Filomeno, Kira Balinger, and Angelica Lao – will fill your day with enough good vibes through their witty answers in the “5 Seconds Walang Malisya” Challenge.

In the game, the players are given 5 seconds to name items that belong in the category mentioned by the host. The super competitive Chie kicked off the game with the “three soft body parts” category, to which she answered, “buhok, pilikmata, labi.”

Still on a roll, she earned two consecutive points with “tatlong bagay na dinudukot” and “tatlong body parts na nagpapawis.” When she’s supposed to give “tatlong hindi pagkain pero nilulunok,” Chie raised the white flag and let Kira steal, who answered “laway, gamot, pride.”

When asked to give “tatlong bagay na dinidilaan,” the very smart Kira mentioned, “labi, daliri, envelope.”

Join Chie, Kira, and Angelica in the fun game by playing the video!