Kapamilya Chat Feud Chie Angelica Kira

The girls of digital series “Beach Bros” – Chie Filomeno, Kira Balinger, and Angelica Lao – enjoyed some friendly competition in Kapamilya Chat Feud.

In the game, the players would race to enumerate specific items that belong in the categories mentioned by the host. Examples, phrases that contain the word “hot,” food that can be eaten raw, and songs with the word “you” in the title, Pinoy Big Brother Big winners, actresses who played Darna,  Coco Martin’s past leading ladies.

The funniest moment belongs to Kira, who answered “eggsilog” when asked to give 5 silog meals. Chie was extremely competitive too. But, the underdog Angelica won the game by answering the last question equivalent to five points.

The game looks so fun you’d wish to play with the girls, too!