Fun game with PieDu, Luis & Jessy

Cherry Pie Picache and Edu Manzano’s romance is one of the best surprises we got this year. And before we officially bid goodbye to 2021, the couple fills us with more ‘kilig’ energy opening up about endearing revelations in Luis Manzano’s YouTube channel through a game of ‘Sino ang Mas?’

Following their trending talk, Cherry Pie, Edu, and Luis are joined by the latter’s wife Jessy Mendiola in the second part of the vlog. Here are the cutest discoveries from the game:

1. The ladies are admittedly more jealous. Edu quipped that Cherry Pie’s “violent” tendencies pop up along with her “inner green monster.” Kidding aside, he calls it the type of jealousy “na naghahanap ng lambing at atensyon.”

2. Cherry Pie and Edu, or PieDu to their avid shippers, rarely go on lavish dates and give each other expensive gifts. They’d rather help other people than splurge. Last Christmas, for instance, he wanted to set a budget limit of only Php 500 for their exchange gift.

Speaking of presents, Luis told his Tita Pie, “Ang hihingin kong gift sa’yo, continue making my dad happy.” Altogether now: Awww.

3. Cherry Pie is a clingy girlfriend. Even Luis and Jessy noticed that one of the actress’ dominant love languages is physical touch. Edu joked, “Kahit mamamasyal kami, para kaming Siamese twins, eh.”

The ‘howhows,’ on the other hand, revealed that Luis is the clingy kind. He has trouble sleeping without rubbing his feet on Jessy’s.

4. The Manzanos express their feelings through sweet gestures like giving flowers. Luis mentioned he promised to court Jessy forever. It turns out Edu also told the same thing to Cherry Pie.

5. The girls are more introverted. Edu narrated how Jessy seemed so quiet during their first meeting. But eventually, being the wife of Luis, she learned to be more sociable like him.

6. Cherry Pie is a handywoman at home. “From carpentry to welding,” Edu teased.

7. The couples had a hard time admitting who fell in love first. The gentlemen jestingly charged their ladies guilty of making the first move. Luis joked that Jessy’s effort to attend his birthday party gave him all the clues. On a serious note, he said whether she was at the party or not, he’d still make a way to win her.

Edu continued the punchlines, “Ganun din ako. Sabi ko, ‘pag ito sinundan ako sa sabungan, siya ang babae para sa akin. At hinigitan niya, siya pa naging kristo.”Lol.

What actually happened, according to Cherry Pie, is they grew closer on the set of Marry Me, Marry You. However, she didn’t want to assume, chalking up their chemistry to the lock-in setting. In the previous interview, she mentioned that Edu’s natural charisma quite sent her mixed signals as well.

She waited for the first taping cycle to end and see if Edu would still make an effort even when they’re out of the bubble. Well he did. To her surprise, Edu also got straightforward, asking her, “Gusto mo ba talaga ako o hindi?”

8. Cherry Pie also appreciates how Edu gave her son Nio Tria respect and importance. He showed up at home, made his intention clear, and got to know Nio.

9. So, who said ‘I love you’ first? The Manzanos! But on their first few attempts, the ladies only replied, “Thank you.” A lot more perseverance and patience after, Jessy finally replied ‘I love you, too’ and that’s when she and Luis officially got into a relationship. 

If you wish to attract luck and love this New Year’s Eve, check out PieDu and the Howhows’ fun challenge!