Celebrity momshies give exclusive tours of their homes

You are invited to an exclusive tour of these celebrity momshies’ houses! It is everyone’s dream to own a home. After years of hard work, these Kapamilya stars finally have theirs. Check out this video and see which house is your favorite.

Janice de Belen

Even before you enter Janice de Belen’s house, she has grand doors that will leave you in awe. It was specifically designed for her home. Inside, there are a series of photos on display that had to be carefully chosen. Her children are grown up now and wanted a say on which pictures gets framed.

The craft place is Janice’s favorite area. She has papers in every color and texture you can imagine. Admittedly, it is an obsession. One product of her arts and craft hobby is a framed collage. Another room that The General’s Daughter star showed off is her son’s bedroom. He has a basketball ring and toys that span one wall.

Andrea del Rosario

10 years ago, Andrea del Rosario bought her house. Today, it is fully updated and modern. She has a fancy receiving area with a contemporary Filipino design. Although, the kitchen is her family’s favorite room. There is a formal dining space, but the kitchen counter is more comfortable. In fact, they do more than eat and cook in there. Andrea loves antiques. They are proudly displayed everywhere. There are also paintings framed along the walls, which she personally made. The master bedroom is usually where she reads.

Aubrey Miles

Aubrey Mile’s ‘jungle house’ is actually older than her. It has three floors that are filled with plants. She practically has a mini indoor garden by the living room because there are so many plants. Climbing up and down the stairs are part of her workout. At the top floor is her Instagram corner and three rooms. One is the bedroom of her two sons. The other is the master bedroom. The last one is her walk-in closet.

Cristine Reyes

Cristine Reyes’ house is bright and light. She specifically avoided dark colors. The Kapamilya actress and her husband Ali Khatibi chose the flooring and color of the walls. They then had an interior design help them decorate. She has a bathroom with double vanity aside from her makeup vanity. There is also a massive walk-in closet. Although, the items that she really saved up for were the chandeliers in her living room and at the top of her staircase.

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

There is art and music everywhere inside the Alcasid home. ASAP Natin ’To artist Regine Velasquez-Alcasid enjoys hanging out on the staircase. Meanwhile, Ogie Alcasid adores the living room since it boasts his wide collection of vinyl. They have a chair made with solihiya which is a rarely used material nowadays. The walls are white but colored with paintings.

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