Celebrities who found their ‘bro’ in showbiz

Looking for a true friend is not easy especially in the competitive world of showbiz, which is why these male Kapamilya celebs are #blessed to have found a pal so close to a brother from another mother!

Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong

Born during their stint in the reality show Pinoy Big Brother, the friendship of Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong is as real as it can get. It can never be weakened even by challenges such as cultural and language barriers, as true friends understand each other by the heart. After all, they share the same language of love and laughter. Tagged as the ‘laugh team,’ Fumiya and Yamyam combine their different comedic styles into the most adorably hilarious punchlines. Their connection also goes deeper beyond the fun antics. We’ve seen the ‘soul brothers’ go through their PBB journey side by side, thus Yamyam’s big win is a shared victory for the two of them.

Daniel Padilla and Khalil Ramos

When Khalil Ramos transitioned from a talent search contender to an actor, it was Daniel Padilla who made him feel easy. He considers Daniel and Kathryn Bernardo as his first showbiz friends. Thanks to their matching shoes on their first meeting and workshop for The Princess and I, the duo had something cool to talk about. And the ‘bromance’ just came off naturally from there. They discovered their many more similarities such as taste in music. They were like twins growing up together.

Khalil is blessed to have Daniel and the rest of the gang who remain constant in his life. Tight schedules never get in the way. Daniel is likewise happy to have found a pal he can completely trust and take wisdom from. These men own a sweet, genuine friendship. And they’re not scared to tell each other ‘I love you’ on national TV. Aww! 

Darren Espanto and Kyle Echarri  

As an independent, responsible young man, Darren Espanto is indeed the perfect ‘kuya’ to Kyle Echarri. “Bro talks” serve as their outlet whenever burned out, unhappy, or anything. They share cool jamming times, too. And the song “Kaibigan Mo” by Sarah Geronimo and Yeng Constantino is their ultimate friendship anthem.  

Edward Barber and Marco Gallo

Having shared the same PBB journey, it was easy for Edward Barber and Marco Gallo to hit it off. Yet, the brotherhood remained strong even after they exited Bahay Ni Kuya. When Marco was away for half a year, they didn’t feel as much the need to stay in touch, knowing they’re still connected despite the distance.

Although Edward was kind of emotional before Marco left and he even tried to convince him to stay, he was supportive of his decision. He was there to discuss the pros and cons of Marco’s choices like how a true ‘kuya’ would. But at the end of the day, they respect their individual lives without dropping the squad.

Lasting connections aren’t measured by blood. Sometimes, a friend is basically a family. If you are grateful for such genuine relationships, share this video to express the ‘bromance’ feels!