Joseph Nathalie Ryza Love & Relationships

Don’t you just appreciate it when your favorite celebrities share their thoughts about love? Not only do we learn a thing or two from their candid confessions, but we’re also clued in on their attitude when it comes to relationships.

In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, Joseph Marco, Ryza Cenon, and Nathalie Hart were asked, “Can you still be friends with an ex?” Check out their answers below.

Ryza offered an insightful response, implying that this can create post-breakup grey areas and obstruct the moving-on process. But, it depends on how things ended. It’d be difficult to stay friends if the breakup was toxic, “Kung hindi gano’n kaayos ‘yung closure n’yo, para saan pa na maging magkaibigan kayo?”

Speaking from the perspective of a mom, Nathalie imparted that she will continue the communication for her child’s sake, “Hindi mo pwedeng i-close ‘yung door na ‘yun kasi you became a parent and the child has the right to have a father as well.” However, it ends there. She’d just stay civil but not completely friends, “There’s no point.” She’s not one to reread old chapters of her life.

Meanwhile, Joseph dropped a straightforward ‘no’ and revealed that he’s not friends with any of his exes. There’s a reason why the relationship ended, he pressed, and you can’t go on with your life insisting to be friends with someone that the universe has already saved you from. Besides, if you need friends, you pretty much have more than enough in your circle.

Check out the trio’s beefy discussion in the video!