2024 Bucket List of Celebrities

If not all, many of us surely have either a tangible or mental list of goals that we wish to accomplish or achieve within a target period or while we’re still alive – or the so-called “bucket list.”

And as another new year begins, we are hopeful that we will be able to tick at least one of the items off our lists of activities that we’ve been yearning to do. Just like the celebrities in this video, who enthusiastically shared their ultimate goals this 2024.

The majority wish to make the trips they’ve been dreaming of to finally come true. FPJ’s Batang Quiapo actress Yukii Takahashi wishes to be able to go to various tourist destinations here and outside the Philippines and create beautiful memories with her loved ones.

As he’s about to turn 21 this year, Kyle Echarri looks forward to traveling alone and going on a European trip. He also imparted the motto he lives by at present, which is, “I don’t necessarily need it to be a very happy year. I just need more reasons to be happy.”

She might have gone on a number of tours in the previous year, yet Klarisse de Guzman still hopes to travel more this 2024. But she wanted to do it for leisure this time, which she wasn’t able to do due to a family emergency.

Can’t Buy Me Love star Belle Mariano also desires to travel more and to fulfill her dream of riding a hot air balloon.  

Meanwhile, other celebrities yearn to do things related to their careers or hobbies.

Angel Aquino implies that her heart is set on starting her own business this year. She wants to have another source of income, so that she can have something to rely on whenever she has no showbiz projects.

Seeing the tremendous success of the 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival, Janine Gutierrez looks forward to being part of a blockbuster movie this year. The enthusiasm of the public to watch films in cinemas really inspired and delighted the Dirty Linen headliner.

Nyoy Volante also seeks to have more milestones in his career, and one of them is to be able to collaborate with more artists as he really liked the experience he had while working with other talents.

Multi-hyphenate Nadine Lustre, on the other hand, is eyeing to make her own set of dining plates for her house since she’s been into pottery lately.

And lastly, after putting it aside a number of times already, Andrea Brillantes vows to finally get her driver’s license this year.

What about you, Kapamilya? Which item on your bucket list do you wish to cross out this 2024?

*Photos credit to Star Magic, Janine Gutierrez IG and Blythe IG