Kapamilya Snaps: Brightest female stars who slayed “bida-kontrabida” roles

Women can be fierce, strong and tough just like our Kapamilya actresses who showed great, unforgettable performances in portraying both protagonist and antagonist, or roles wherein they are deemed “bida-kontrabidas”. In this rundown on Kapamilya Snaps, we see our favorite Kapamilya leading ladies proving time and again how versatile and brilliant they are as artists. Let’s take a look back at how they nailed such difficult roles with contrasting personalities.


Bea Alonzo (Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon)

Bea Alonzo is not one of the premier Kapamilya actresses if she cannot play a myriad of characters, including portraying two different roles at the same time. Case in point was giving life to both Rose Buenavista and Emmanuelle in the 2014 teleserye Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon, which led to her winning the Best Actress plum in the 23rd KBP Golden Dove Awards.


Angelica Panganiban (Rubi)

One of the most versatile, all-around artists in the entertainment industry, Angelica Panganiban not only possesses unfading beauty inside and out, but she is also known for her witty hugots and striking lines. And she actually uses this wit of hers in effectively portraying her bida-kontrabida roles in teleseryes. For instance, Angelica effortlessly played the title role of Rubi in the 2010 Philippine adaptation of the 2004 Mexican drama. “Wala nang kokontra, ako na ang bida!” was her memorable line in show’s teaser.


Dimples Romana (Kadenang Ginto)

Dimples Romana is one of the finest, most outstanding actresses in the industry. We cannot deny that her portrayal of the iconic character Daniela Mondragon in the hit afternoon series Kadenang Ginto was one of her most shining moments in showbiz. Her fierce portrayal has undoubtedly been the talk of the town especially all over social media. Daniela Mondragon was definitely a ruthless villain, but she proved that she is still just human who can be compassionate. Daniela showed it when Cassie (Francine Diaz) was in critical condition and she decided to donate blood to save her despite being the daughter of her mortal enemy Romina (Beauty Gonzalez).


Andrea Brillantes (Kadenang Ginto)

Andrea Brillantes is still very young but she has proven to us that she can pull off a great acting job. In portraying the role of Marga, the daughter of Daniela Mondragon in Kadenang Ginto, Andrea showed everyone that she is a top Kapamilya young actress. Marga was very much like her mom Daniela - strong, fierce, and very competitive. She really made the life harder for Cassie as she made sure she was always ahead of her. But, unexpectedly, Marga learned how harsh she has been around people, and eventually learned how to treat them as family.


Julia Barretto (And I Love You So)

Julia Barretto can be perceived as fierce because of her strong facial features, and it can reflect on her portrayals of kontrabida roles. But while she can play a character with a vicious personality, Julia can also portray the role of a genuine and loving daughter to her parents. Case in point was her portrayal of the character of Trixie in the afternoon teleserye And I Love You So, where she became the evil stepsister of Joanna (Miles Ocampo). However, it was also established in the series that Trixie’s personality was greatly affected by her family background wherein she wasn’t able to enjoy her mother’s love.


Andi Eigenmann (Agua Bendita)

More than her captivating presence, Andi Eigenmann is also worthy of admiration for her commendable acting prowess most especially as the bida-kontrabida in the fantasy series Agua Bendita. The teleserye was a hit fantasy series due to Andi’s effective portrayal of her dual role as Agua, who had healing abilities, and Bendita who was insecure of her twin’s capabilities.


Erich Gonzales (The Blood Sisters)

Aside from her sweet and admirable personality, Erich Gonzales has likewise slayed bida-kontrabida roles. But in one exceptional drama outing, she played not two but three distinct characters in the hit teleserye—The Blood Sisters. Many fans and viewers were amazed by how she pulled off portraying the triplets Erika, Carrie, and Agatha quite splendidly, all at the same time.


Yam Concepcion (Love Thy Woman)

Yam Concepcion’s character as the mistress Jade Flores-Bartolome was reviled in the controversial teleserye Halik. But Yam didn’t have any hard feelings towards what people felt towards her character because that only meant that she was able to portray the role quite well. After Halik, Yam appeared in the 2020 drama Love Thy Woman to play Dana Wong, who was both a victim and an aggressor in dealing with the illicit affair of half-sister Jia (Kim Chiu) and husband David (Xian Lim).


Judy Ann Santos (Starla)

Teleserye Queen Judy Ann Santos, for a change, took on a bida-kontrabida role as Atty. Teresa "Tere" Dichavez-Manalo in the 2019 primetime series Starla. She was a tough businesswoman who held a grudge towards her father, Gregorio "Mang Greggy" Dichavez (Joel Torre) who abandoned her. Starla also was a memorable project for Juday and for her fans because this served as her teleserye comeback since she starred in the 2013 series Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala.


Maja Salvador (Wildflower, The Killer Bride)

Maja Salvador was quite famous and acclaimed for portraying both a protagonist and an antagonist in revenge dramas. One of her most impressive series, The Killer Bride, Maja breathed life to the tragic character Camila dela Torre, a loving partner to Vito dela Cuesta who turned out to be a vengeful woman after she was framed for a murder. But Maja’s most superb bida-kontrabida performance was in Wildflower, wherein she played both Lily Cruz and Ivy Aguas in fighting the notorious, corrupt, brutal political clan, the Ardientes, and turned out to be scarier than her enemies.

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