Brian, Bryce and JV aka Chill Guys talks about their music, dedicates songs to exes

Living up to their brand of music, Brian Gazmen, Bryce Manzano, and Jose Vitug or JV, now called Chill Guys, are cool and game. They joined us in an afternoon of kwentuhan and challenges in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

The trio had background in music and performing before their group was formed, Bryce underwent workshops, Jose was a multimedia producer, and Brian already tried acting. They may have different lives then but it was easy to build rapport, thanks to the shared love for music. Their goal is to treat listeners to soothing songs, thus the band name. 

Brian’s biggest musical influence is James Arthur while Bryce loves listening to upbeat songs from Maroon 5 and Bamboo. JV fell in love with OPM bands first like Parokya Ni Edgar and Spongecola until he transitioned into acoustic preferences like Ed Sheeran. They dream to collaborate with Moira Dela Torre, Michael Pangilinan, and Daniel Padilla. 

Chill Guys dropped their single titled “Ako Para Sa’yo” which they said is for those who lost all hope in believing in “the one” until the right person comes. “Sa song, pinapaliwanag niya kung paano nagbago ‘yung buhay niya because of this person,” shared JV.

The trio shared stories about finding “the one.” Brian and Bryce thought of their past girlfriends as “the one” but the relationship ended. Jose, on the other hand, is in a happy relationship and he thinks he has found his match. 

Bryce has now learned to be more discerning before diving into a relationship. He said it is fine to be attracted to the physical appearance first but you need to get to know each other well.

JV chimed in, “Mahirap biglang ma-fall tapos magsisi ka sa huli.” He added that their generation must learn to take things slow and give space for self-love. He explained, “Huwag mong ibigay ang lahat-lahat. Magtira ka para sa sarili mo. Dapat ‘yung life mo is the universe and there are different planets. The person, dapat planet lang siya sa universe mo.

To save yourself from heartache and regrets, Brian stressed that you must be certain before jumping into a relationship. There’s no reason to hurry. Don’t go around searching for love but wait ‘til love finds you.

The boys believe that the person you love will also hurt you the most. And the things you do for love, however crazy, will gauge your commitment in a relationship. Bryce once travelled from Negros to Baguio to meet up with a girl he met online. It sadly didn’t work out because the girl chose another guy.

For JV, the craziest thing he did for love was, “Naniwala ako sa sinabi niyang forever.” Brian, who had the tangiest ‘hugots’, revealed that he wrote a song for his ex-girlfriend. He regularly sent her love ‘ayuda’ as well during the early days of lockdown. At the end of the day, Chill Guys would have no regrets in love. The past may prove to be bitter but they are moving forward with lessons learned. 

To the girls Chill Guys loved before, listen as they express their feelings through songs. Bryce went for “Officially Missin’ You.” Brian sang “Heartbreak Anniversary” while Jose, now in a new relationship, would choose “Patawad, Paalam” for his high school sweetheart.

Asked for their advice to aspiring singers, Chill Guys talked about tenacity and timing. Bryce said giving up is not an option as the hard work will pay off at the right time. Jose added that you shouldn’t stop trying and practicing. Brian emphasized using negative comments to fuel your grit. 

Susuko o Lalaban

Brian Gazmen, Bryce Manzano, and JV (Jose Vitug) aka Chill Guys serve us charm and ‘hugots’ as they take on the “Susuko o Lalaban” Challenge for Kapamilya Chat.

The trio would gauge different love scenarios and decide to either hold on or raise the white flag. The first situation was about having a partner who forbids you from doing things. JV doesn’t take it as a sign of being controlling. He said the person might just be concerned.

Baka ‘yung pinagbabawal niya sa’yo, eh sobra naman na talaga. Halimbawa, sa computer games ‘yan. Kung nawawalan ka ng time sa kanya o masyado ka nang naaadik, I think tama lang na pigilan ka niya. Dapat din intindihin mo,” explained JV. For Bryce and Brian, there’s no harm in still holding on as long as the issue is talked through. 

On a partner who refuses to listen and change for the better, the boys would rather call it quits to save their time and emotions. Bryce maintained the need for communication. However, when nothing happens despite the effort to sift through the issue, he would rather leave and maybe find someone better. Brian experienced the same scenario, and he didn’t think twice in leaving, “Paulit-ulit niyang sinasabi ‘magbabago na ako’ pero ilang taon na hindi pa rin nagbabago. Dapat hindi lang sa salita, sa gawa din.”

These boys aren’t that demanding. They understand that the other person has priorities and they both have to hustle for the future. If these cause lack of time, Bryce and JV would understand. JV sounded selfless when he said, “Hindi mo lang dapat iniisip kung may time pa ba siya sa akin. Dapat iniisip mo din kung may time pa ba siya para sa sarili niya.” For Brian, a relationship is not just about the happy times, “Hindi naman ‘yan puro saya. May times na mag-aaway kayo but if you choose to stay, you choose to stay. Lalaban talaga kasi mahal mo ‘yung tao, eh.”

What if the relationship is disapproved by many, will you hold on or let go? For Brian, fighting for it is a sign of how much you love the other person. Besides, he thinks it would impress the girl’s parents. JV added that both sides must decide to fight for the relationship.

The next situation is about having a partner who is no longer good for you. Brian still wouldn’t give up, thinking an honest talk would solve everything. “Kung may mga times na nagiging bad influence siya sa buhay mo, eh ‘di pag-usapan n’yo. ‘Pag hindi mo pinaglaban, may regrets, eh.” Bryce agreed, noting that love isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. JV, on the other hand, would take it as a sign to let go. He explained, “Parang yosi, ‘pag alam mong hindi nakakabuti sa’yo, siyempre titigilan mo.” 

The next scenario is about a common relationship problem – broken promises. Brian thought it’s a red flag. He said broken promises will only open up more hurt and problems so it’s better to leave as early as possible. Bryce added, “Know when to give up kasi ikaw din ‘yung kawawa.” On the other hand, JV went for ‘lalaban,’ saying no one is perfect. He even broke some promises in the past but his girlfriend chose to be more understanding, thus he will do the same. 

Chill Guys had mixed reactions about keeping or letting go of an unhappy relationship. Bryce explored the idea of ‘cool-off’ or giving each other space, leading to quite a debate. Bryan mentioned that cool-off sounds like a breakup to him while JV considers it a healthy part of any relationship. 

Brian maintained that you should do everything and fight for the person you love to save yourself from regrets. JV revealed that his only regret in love is giving too much, thus neglecting his own needs and friends. 
Interestingly, Brian would still hold on despite his partner telling lies, “Kasi malay mo ‘yung pagsisinungaling  niya may purpose.” Bryce agreed, adding that assumptions pose conflict. But for JV, lies can never be justified. 

Brian and Bryce revealed they’ve also experienced keeping a cheating partner. Bryce explained that he was scared to confront the girl and open up about the situation. Brian stayed longer to give the girl another chance but cheating twice is too much of a felony. JV kept it clear, saying, “I will never stay with a cheater.”

Listen to Brian, Bryce, and JV’s ‘hugots’ in this video!