Brenda Mage on handling bashers

With all the successes, happiness, and blessings that he savors at present, there are still people – unfortunately – who tend to rain on his parade. Well, bashers are inevitable in the lives of celebrities like him, so Brenda Mage had to learn how to handle them well and to not be swayed by the snide remarks he gets from them.

In his Kapamilya Chat guesting last Friday, July 29, he recounted the troubles and obstacles he had to hurdle in life, especially on the first time that he set him foot in Manila in 2007 when he was only 17 years old.

Siguro sa lahat ng mga struggles in life, lahat talaga ng mga hamon sa buhay ko, kung ano man ang narating ko ngayon, masasabi ko talaga na, alam mo ‘yong simula dati, hindi lang ako ‘yong nagtanim ng seed para makuha ko ‘yong bunga ngayon,” he conveyed.

Then he continued, “Kumbaga, ako talaga ‘yong nagbungkal ng lupa, nag-fertilize ng lupa para mamunga ng maganda ngayon. And ‘yon ay parang pinaghalong pagsisikap, determinasyon, hirap, tiyaga – lahat. Ang dami kong mga rejections dati, ang dami kong auditions na ni-reject ako, na-holdap ako sa Maynila, nagbenta ako ng mais sa Quiapo, nakulong ako – sobrang dami.”

That is why Brenda’s not affected anymore by whatever the bashers are hurling against him as he already went through a lot of challenges and setbacks in life. What matters to him is that he’s happy and everything he has right now are fruits of his labor.

As much as he wanted to practice the “art of deadma” or completely ignoring the cruel words from bashers, there are still instances when he opts to clapback against them. It’s not because he was mad at them, but to make explain himself or make them realize why he behaves or speaks in a certain way.

Doing so may be difficult sometimes for the It’s Showtime “Miss Q & A” alumnus, so he just reminds himself to not dwell on the misjudgments of people because they get to see only a part of himself through his TV appearances and vlogs, and that there’s definitely no one who knows himself better than he does. As long as he’s genuinely happy and he doesn’t step on other people in order to achieve whatever he has in life right now, he’s okay.

Watch this Kapamilya Chat clip to witness the witty and serious side of Brenda Mage we don’t usually see in his media appearances.