Brenda Mage reveals kilig last message received in “What’s On My Phone?” Challenge

During his Kapamilya Chat guesting, Brenda Mage enthusiastically took on the fun “What’s On My Phone?” Challenge.

First off was the last selfie he captured, which was a photo of him with the gifts he received. He was also generous enough to show a video of his physical gallery, wherein his Miss Q & A and Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 memorabilia were displayed, including his trophies and his yellow PBB suit.

He wasn’t able to show any playlist since he’s not really fond of playing music. However, the last music played he listened to was his own song “Panaginip,” as he launched a contest to his fellow gay vloggers to create a music video for it and he’s been watching their entries one-by-one.

For his last Google search, it was the US Dollars to Philippine Peso conversion rate. Meanwhile, he doesn’t have any YouTube search as he’s not into watching videos on the video streaming sites. He also didn’t have an IG Story, but his latest post was his latest house update

The last message he received was from a group chat, yet he also shared that last message he received from his boyfriend that made the online viewers comment “sana all.” On the other hand, the last phone call he had was with an agent of a telecommunications company.

Watch this video to see how Brenda Mage had fun in this phone raid!