BINI, BGYO enthusiastically take on fun Spill or Swallow Challenge

In the past two years, fast-rising Filipino pop groups BINI and BGYO are amazingly able to carve their paths not only in local showbiz, but also in the international entertainment scene. Amid their apparently hectic schedule, had the chance to catch up with both groups and, at the same time, challenge them to a round of “Spill or Swallow” game in the latest episode of PUSH Bets Live.

First off was BINI, who initially imparted their most memorable moment in 2022.

The group’s bunso or younger member and main dancer Sheena Catacutan disclosed that it was their “Showcase”, since it was the first time that they’re able to spend time with their avid fans called “BL∞MS” (or BLOOMS) in one venue, which somehow served as their mini concert.

For Mikha Lim, it was their trip to the United States late last year wherein they were able to show off their vocal and dancing prowess through their performances in public places. The same goes for her fellow main rapper and dancer Stacey Sevilleja, who had fun despite the biting cold and kind of regretted not being able to catch the snow, as well as for lead vocal and rapper Gwen Apuli.

Their visual and rapper Aiah Arceta also considers that trip the highlight of her 2022 since it was the longest that they’d been out of the Philippines and it was truly productive.

Leader Jhoanna Robles, on the other hand, takes pride in the two or three awards that they took home from various award-giving bodies last year, such as P-Pop Group of the Year from TikTok Awards Philippines. Main vocal Colet Vergara also expressed how proud she is that they were given opportunities to perform in different huge venues here in the Philippines.

And lastly, main vocal Maloi Ricalde is so ecstatic that they were able to celebrate their first anniversary with their beloved BL∞MS by going ice skating.

They then proceeded on playing the fun and exciting “Spill or Swallow Challenge,” wherein they were given the options to “spill” the answer to the intriguing question assigned to them or to “swallow” a jellybean of either a popularly good or a disgustingly bizarre flavor.

Maloi was the first one to play and chose to eat a jellybean rather than naming the worst artist they got to work with. Colet, meanwhile, gamely responded to the question about the wildest thing she’s ever done in order to catch attention, as well as Jhoana, who proudly claimed that she has never ghosted anyone.

Aiah was also able to dodge eating a jellybean as she jestingly revealed getting threatened by her contemporary, BGYO member Mikki Claver. The same for Gwen who proudly confessed that she’s actually the type who immediately deletes her posts on social media after a few moments of pondering.

Stacey, on the other hand, was compelled to take a jellybean when quizzed regarding the worst thing she’s ever done at work. Mikha also chose to eat one rather deny or confirm if she’s ever pretended to be sick in order to back out from a gimik, as well as Sheena who refused to name someone in showbiz that made her jealous.

BGYO then took their turn, who each described 2022 in one word. For Akira Morishita, it was “amazing”, while it was an “adventure” for Mikki. Gelo Rivera considered it as a year of “growth” for him, while it was “fun” for Nate Porcalla. Meanwhile, JL Toreliza tagged it as “intense”.

With regards to what they’re looking forward to this 2023, the boys conveyed that they wish for “more blessings”, “more music”, “more knowledge”, “more fun performances”, and “more awards”.

PUSH also had them play “Spill or Swallow Challenge”, wherein they had to either answer the question or take a jellybean. Out of the five, only Akira and Gelo, who were asked who among them is the most annoying and most lazy, respectively, were the only ones to take the punishment after being pressured by the other members. The others, meanwhile, were able to disclose who has the most stinky fart, the most frequent late-comer in their trainings, and the most “pabida”.

The adorably mischievous lads were also able to make the host try on the challenge.

Watch this episode of PUSH Bets Live to see the amusing happenings in this interview with BINI and BGYO!