BGYO sprinkles humor and charm as they prepare ‘ACEspecial Sandwich’ for their fans

As if their good looks and talents are not enough to make us fall, BGYO wins more fangirl hearts through a yummy recipe called ‘ACEspecial Sandwich’ specially made for their fans. It’s an egg-mayo sandwich with a twist. But what we really love about this demonstration is the perfect blend of humor and charm only BGYO can whip up.

Akira, JL, Gelo, Mikki, and Nate started their mini cooking show for Kapamilya Chat by preparing the ingredients. The boys flexed their comic skills by giving each item a hilarious description. They got:

  • Hard-boiled eggs “na galing pa sa Egypt”
  • Salted eggs “na binabad nang 20 years sa maalat na tubig”
  • Lettuce “na pinitas sa Garden of Eden”
  • Wheat Bread “kasi diet mode kami”
  • Mayonnaise “na homemade at binilad sa araw for three years”
  • Condensed milk “ang magbibigay ng sweetness at talagang mapapapikit ka sa sarap”
  • Cheese “na 61 and half years old at fresh from Greece”
  • And a secret ingredient they refuse to name but is obviously just an ordinary pepper (Lol!)


  1. Chop the eggs into small pieces. “Dapat saktong 1, 302 times. Pag hindi sumakto, mag-iiba ang texture,” JL said in jest.
  2. Combine the sliced hard-boiled eggs and salted eggs in a bowl. 
  3. Add the mayonnaise.
  4. Pour in condensed milk. Mix the ingredients well. “’Pag ilalagay mo siya, nakapikit dapat, in negative four degrees,” JL joked.
  5. Add grated cheese.
  6. Season with pepper.
  7. Place a large piece of lettuce on a slice of bread. Spread the mixture over the lettuce. Cover with another slice. Voila!
  8. Enjoy with the fambam or barkada!