KChat Drink It with BGYO

Enjoy the entertaining and “nakaka-good vibes” moments of BGYO as they take on Kapamilya Chat’s “Drink It” Challenge. It seems they enjoyed the consequences even more!

P-Pop group BGYO – composed of Gelo, JL, Aki, Mikki, and Nate – showcased their talent and humor in a series of challenges prepared by Kapamilya Chat, one of which was the “Drink It” game. 

In this segment, our "best boys" must select cards from a stack, each containing music-related dares. The individual who fails to complete the card’s instruction must then choose from a variety of mystery drinks on the table. 

JL has extensive music knowledge, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering his background as a former ‘kontesero’ before joining BGYO. 

Gelo proved his comedic side by inventing lyrics on the spot, and it appeared like Nate caught on to his ‘Kuya’ Gelo’stechnique. 

Don't be surprised if you catch Mikki turning his back to the camera; he's just deep in thought, or perhaps searching for a song on his phone. Meanwhile, Aki ended up having to drink quite a bit.

Among the dares they picked were to come up with a song for their TOTGA, a song with the word "corner" in the lyrics, a song for their past self, and a song that mentions “bukas.”

Things took a hilarious turn when they were tasked with naming a song for their fathers, which they took quite literally, so Gelo sang a part of the novelty hit “Bakit, Papa?” while Nate chanted the children’s play “Nanay, Tatay.”

It’s always an exciting day with our best boys!

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